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Top Funny Wifi Name Collection Of 2018:- These days internet is the most important thing for peoples. Most reliable source of internet is Wifi or mobile hotspot. You can find at least one wifi anywhere in India. It is on Train Station, Coffie Shops, Tea Shops, College, Schools, And many other places. According to Wikipedia wifi can be accessible 150 feet from the source. So today we are going to introduce 1000+ Top, Cool, hilarious and funny wifi names.

Using our names you can easily surprise your neighbor, friends & propose the girl who lives next to your house :p . Every single person wants to make their wifi name unique and very special. Remembering that we have listed over 1000+ unique wifi names for you today. Nowadays Funny wifi names are the trend. So follow the trend and use any funny wifi names from the list and be a funny personality.

With these funny wifinames , once connected , you can also go and watch / stream online movies.

Most of the time we can’t find unique and funny wifi names. We all just buy a new Router and search for a new wifi name. Which is unique and funny also but most of the time the names are outdated. However, on this website, you can find the best funny wifi names all over the google.

Funny wifi names

When you buy a new router or hotspot creator, the name of the SSID is the default name. If you are going to make the name hilarious, cool, funny or Shocking then you need to change the SSID name. You can check how to change Wifi name from our website.

If you can’t find the best wifi names until today, We are in the right place. Please share this post with your friends and comment down below. So let’s shock your neighbor and friends with the Funny wifi names from our website. Cool wifi names make your wifi more attractive and make you a cool guy.

Many people will ask why we have written this type of posts? So here is the answer, Most of the time the websites are not working which is listed on google. So we have collected all wifi names together and post it here. All of the wifi names are unique, funny, cool, & Hilarious.

We all know that this is the era of the wireless network (WIFI). The mobile network is not on the trend. Everyone using wifi networks for faster connection. Moreover, many devices have wifi connection system built in. So you can also change your drone, Mobile hotspot, and many other IOT device’s Wifi names (SSID). When I was written the post, I also using a Wifi network. I can’t expose the Router name of Service provider but the speed of the wifi is very fast. The wifi is more flexible and reliable for daily usage.

How To Change Wifi Name?

Most of the people are confused how to change wifi names? So this is the brief tutorial on the topic. Here I have a Tp-link router which I bought from Amazon India. Every router has some different steps to change the Name of SSID. Just follow if you have a tp-link router or search it on google.

How To Change Wifi Name

Right now I am using Windows 10 operating system. Follow the steps and the screenshots which I have written below. Remember please follow the steps carefully, Any kind of damage can happen during the operation. If you don’t follow the steps carefully. We are not responsible for any kind of harm.

1) Connect Your Pc To Router

After connecting the router open your Command Prompt in your pc.you can open the command prompt from the search bar. Next Type the Command “ ipconfig ”  and press enter.

How to Change Wifi Name

After that, you can see this kind of information. The red marked area is your Ip address details. Just type the IP address into your browser and the router’s admin page will appear. In this case, the IP address is ”″. Find out your IP address.

2) Open Your Browser & Put your IP address in the URL Box

How to change Wifi

This kind of screen will appear when you enter the Ip address into your browser. If any kind of admin page will not appear, then please follow the instructions of your router. The router password is default in this case. The most popular combination is “admin/admin“,  ” admin / password” or “admin / 1234” . If none of the combinations works for you then please check your router password. Here is the website you can check your Router’s default password.

3) Go To The Name Changing Section & Change The Name

Funny wifi names

After successful login. You can find a navigation bar at the left side of your screen. Just click on the “Wireless” option like the screenshot.

Funny Wifi Name

After clicking the wireless option, You can find “Wireless settings“, “Wireless Name”, “Wifi Settings” in this case mine option is “Wireless Settings”. The option can be anything so please use your brain also :p

You can find the option of Change Your Wifi Name, SSID Name, Wireless Network Name. Just change the default name by your Cool, Funny, Hilarious, Clever wifi name.

Also, you can optimize the internet speed and all that from your router admin panel. Most of the time you can find the guide on your router manual. If you have any problem please comment down below.

Also, Check The Video:-

Best Funny Wifi Names 2018

Best Funny Wifi Names

Change your wifi names into any name in our list and be the cool guy. This is the latest funny wifi name collection of 2018. We have added 100+ Funny wifi names to the list. Enjoy the list and make your wifi name cooler than others.

  • No Free Wifi for you
  • You Pay Now
  • Virus Infected WiFi
  • Get your Own Wi-Fi FuckHead
  • Talk Less, Work more
  • penny get your own wifi
  • baap ko bol net lagva de
  • Sweet Adeline
  • No More Mister Wi-Fi
  • Tell My Wi-Fi Love Her
  • Winternet Is Coming
  • Ping’s Landing
  • The Promised LAN
  • FBI Surveillance Van 4
  • Very slow internet
  • Area 51 Test Site
  • Never Gonna Give You Up
  • Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wi-Fi
  • Starbucks Wi-Fi
  • Text ###-#### for Password
  • Yell ____ for Password
  • Free Public Wi-Fi
  • Free Wifi With password
  • GetOffMyLawn
  • It Hurts When IP
  • Ye Olde Internet
  • Drop It Like It’s Hotspot
  • Test Wi-Fi Please Ignore
  • Titanic Syncing
  • Mom Use This One
  • Martin Router King
  • Whitehouse Wifi
  • President’s Wifi
  • Wait I am Coming
  • Let’s Dance
  • Free Internet from Whitehouse
  • Janta heh mera baap kon heh
  • Is riste ka kya naam du
  • Wifi Art Thou Romeo

Clever Wifi Names For Your Wifi

Clever Wifi Name

If you want to be a clever wifi own then put the names into your wifi SSID. We have added the best Clever Wifi Names in the list. All the names are unique and Updated. Enjoy The List. The best way to make a clever wifi names just copy the names and paste it.

  • Eagle Wi-Fi
  • I am the Internet, AMA
  • Virus-infected Wi-Fi
  • I’m too sexy
  • I think, therefore I am!
  • WI-FIght the inevitable?
  • Password is You
  • Go Home Tourist
  • Open Wireless Fly Network Unavailable
  • Do not connect
  • Ebola Is here
  • Connect to your ass
  • Ass net
  • Ass Wifi Zone
  • What is your size
  • Come into my house
  • Free wifi is not here
  • Police is coming
  • Connect To Cum
  • All connection are infected
  • Password is
  • Connect free wifi is here
  • Buddy, please go home
  • Can I fuc* you?
  • Dont cum my mumma in my house
  • Free pizza come in my house
  • Titanic wifi

Nerdy Wi-Fi Names For Your Neighbor

Nerdy Wifi Names

We have a big list of nerdy wifi names to shock your neighbor and friends. We have added some new names. Change your router name and shock everyone.

  • Karen’s Network
  • Your PC Might be Crack
  • Enter the Dragon’s Network
  • Keep it on the Download
  • Connect and Die
  • Prohibited Area
  • Don’t type Wi-Fi Password
  • InternetCosts$
  • Quit Using My Wi-Fi
  • Your PC Might be Crack
  • Enter the Dragon’s Network
  • Keep it on the Download
  • To Create a Soul
  • You’re AllNoobs
  • YerBabyIsReallyUgly
  • Pretty Fly for a Wi-Fi
  • Password is Cool
  • Area 51 wifi
  • Sky net
  • Terminator is here
  • King of the jungle
  • Mera naam hati
  • Wifi is free in my lawn
  • I want to marry you
  • I love my neighbor
  • My neighbor is very sexy
  • I Want to meet my neighbor
  • Welcome to my Wifi area
  • Wifi ka baap hu meh

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Cool Wifi Names To Shock Friends

Cool Wifi Name

Most of the time people want to shock their friend’s using their wifi names. So here are the best Cool wifi names to shock your friends. All lists are updated.

  • Drop It Like It’s Hotspot
  • Porque-Fi
  • Challenge Expected
  • Now this is a Story of
  • Titanic Syncing
  • Test Wi-Fi Please Ignore
  • Join My Network
  • No Free Wi-Fi Here
  • The Next Door Girl
  • The Password Is Andserson
  • 404 Wi-Fi Unavailable
  • We Like When You Watch
  • It Hurts When IP
  • Get your Own Wi-Fi FuckHead
  • My Damn Internet
  • Your music is annoying
  • Bring Beer and Women to 40.2
  • Let’s gangbang
  • Stop the party
  • Hacking your facebook
  • Connect to my ass
  • Connect here
  • We love you mom

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Wifi Names For Movie Fans

movies wifi names

This section is for movie lovers. Name your wifi using movie dialogs and troll statements. We have added the 2018 movies. Make your wifi name more attractive. Please comment down below if your movie is not listed.

Harry Potter Wifi Names For Movie Fans

If you are a fan of Harry Potter movie then this is your list.  We have added more than 20+ wifi names for harry potter movie series lovers. You can tell your favorite movies and interests using the wifi SSID name. This makes you cooler.

  • The Whomping Wi-Fi
  • The Black Link
  • Slytherin Common Room Wifi
  • Alohomora Crack the Password
  • Lord Voldemodem
  • Aberto
  • Ministry of Magic Secure Muggle Wifi
  • Order of the Phoenix
  • WIREgardium LESSiosa
  • Let The Wand Choose It’s Wizard
  • Lord Voldemodem Gay
  • The Triwizard Internet
  • Hogwarts Great Hall WiFi
  • Go Away You Mugglee
  • IAmUp2NoGood
  • Hogwarts
  • Accio Internet
  • Hogwarts Express
  • Wizard Always
  • Ravenclaw Common Room Wifi
  • Expelliarmus Your Internet
  • It’s LeviOSA not LevioSAH
  • The Mystery of Darkness
  • Harry potter wifi zone
  • Hermione Gringer
  • Harry mera baap tha
  • Muglles lawn
  • Maglu santan
  • Jadu tona
  • Magic karlo
  • Hogwarts Wifi zone
  • Magic stick of harry
  • Harry potter free wifi
  • Lets marry harry
  • Harry potter is alive
  • Harry pottery zinda heh
  • Harry potter is alone
  • Women require for harry potter
  • Who is harry potter?
  • Fan of Harry
  • WiFi Guardium Leviosa

Game of Thrones Wi-Fi Names Puns for Router Network SSID

The most popular episode is Game of Thrones. Millions of fans are there, They want to name their wifi on GOT (Game of Thrones). We have listed more than 150+ wifi names for Game of Thrones lovers. This episode is famous all over the world. People are making passwords, Wallpaper on GOT. Now it is your time to make your wifi name using Got characters. Also, don’t forget to share the post with your friend and family on Facebook and Whatsapp

Most of the names are created by us and all the names are unique. However we will update the list as soon as possible. So keep visiting our website. Here is the list enjoy.

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Game Of Thrones Wifi Names

  • A Router of Ice and Fire
  • The Mad PING
  • The Network That Was Promised
  • A Song of Ice and Firewall
  • Packets Are Coming
  • All Men Must Lag
  • Dothraki Sea
  • Tully of Riverrun
  • Arryn of the Eyrie
  • Lord Paramount of the North
  • The Master of Whisperers
  • Baratheon of Storm’s End
  • Tyrion Lannister
  • Stark of Winterfell
  • WIldFIre
  • Wi-Fire and Blood!
  • Oathkeepe
  • Lannisport
  • The WiFi that was promised
  • The Dornishman’s WiFi
  • Azor WahFai
  • The Night’s Ping
  • Ours is the Wifi
  • Hot Wi
  • The Pingslayer
  • The Dornishmens Wifi
  • Wi-fi is Coming
  • The Ping Slayer
  • John_Snow_Knows_Something
  • The Ping Beyond the Wall
  • Websteros Winternetfell
  • House LANnister
  • Ping’s Landing
  • All Men Must WiFi
  • Browsing Strong
  • Tyrion LANnister: the half-WAN
  • We Can Here You Havin S**!
  • We Do Not Load
  • A Wi-Fi has no name
  • The House of Black and WiFi
  • The Ping of the North
  • KhaleesiKonnections
  • The Brotherhood Without LAN Errors
  • Wight-Fi
  • The Sites’ Watch
  • Ping of the north
  • The Master of Wifi
  • Lord of The Iron Islands
  • Martell of Sunspear
  • Battle of the Bastards
  • Tyrell of Highgarden
  • The Crownlands
  • The Vale of Arryn
  • Lannister of Casterly Rock
  • For the WiFi is slow and full of loading
  • WiFestores
  • What is dead may never WiFi
  • The Night’s Switch
  • There is no word for WiFi in Dothraki
  • Little Fingers Whore House
  • ComCasterly Rock
  • Game of Thrones free
  • Only GOT download
  • Download GOT only
  • GOT Zindabad
  • I Love Game Of Thrones
  • GOT Lovers Area
  • Game of Thrones is here

Star Wars Wi-Fi Names for Your Router

Star Wars fan? Want to make your wifi in the name of Star Wars? Here the best list of Star Wars Wifi Names for your router. 

  • Clone Force 99
  • Killun Wi-Fi Station
  • Not the Wifi your looking for
  • Killun WiFi Station
  • holonet
  • R2D2serialpor
  • Tantive IV
  • The Death Star Gunner
  • Archeon Nebula WiFi Galaxy
  • IGV-55 surveillance vessel
  • The Last Jedi
  • MosEisleyEscortService
  • holonet5
  • Aayla Secura Here!
  • Bahryn Meteorite
  • Shoretrooper
  • The Profundity SSID
  • Luke, I am your wifi
  • Tantive V
  • Cave Of Evil
  • Controller LT-319
  • Chewbaccane
  • Zeta Class Imperial Shuttle
  • A New Dawn
  • Death Star Wireless Zone
  • Astromech Droid Router Repairers
  • The Domino Squad
  • Concordia
  • X-Wing WiFi Fighter
  • Star war zone
  • Star war space ship zone
  • Star wars parking zone :p
  • Domino Wifi Zone
  • Free Starwar Download

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Disney Wifi Names For Router

Updated list of Cool Disney Wifi Names 2019

I am also a Disney fan. Over 10 million peoples are Disney fan, and most of them want to name their wifi using any Disney Character. So here is the big list of Disney wifi names 2018. Moreover, we also update every list every month, So if you don’t like any names then you can wait 30 days. We will update the list.

  • Monsters edu
  • Livin’ With The LAN
  • MagicFountain
  • The Circle of Wifi
  • Tomorrowland Transit Authority Data Mover
  • It’s a Small World Wide Web
  • 11 Dalmations
  • Snow-Wifi
  • The Seven Dwarfs Internet Router
  • LANtasia
  • Haunted House
  • The Wifion King
  • Mickey mouse club house wifi
  • Mickey mouse zone
  • Mouse is here
  • Disney house wifi
  • Disney club wifi free
  • Password is Disney

The Office WiFi Names for Your Router

Thease are the most used office wifi names. If you want to name some office wifi network then you can use the below list. However we will update all of the list very soon. If you have any suggestions then please feel free to comment down below.

  • Zero Clark Thirty
  • Big Tuna
  • Annex WIFI
  • OakyAfterbirth
  • Bob Vance
  • Dunder MiffLAN
  • Vance Refrigeration
  • Wi-fire guy
  • Dunder Mifflin
  • Threat Level Midnight
  • Schrute Farms
  • I Am Sith Lord
  • Boner Champ
  • Authority zone
  • Work hard dream more
  • Success will come for sure
  • Eat Sleep repeat
  • Stay Foolish Stay Hungry
  • Work more earn more

Marvel Movies Wifi Names For Router

World’s most popular movie’s production house is Marvel. Many people want to make their wifi names using the marvel universe. So here the best Marvel Movies Wifi names for you. Please share with your friends and family to gain us some visitors. You can find the share buttons end of the post.

  • Ant-Man
  • Guardians of the Gateway
  • PowerCosmic
  • INeedThatGuy’sWiFEYE
  • Ant-LAN and the WiFi
  • the Bifrost
  • Web of Spiderman
  • NoStringsOnMe
  • Steve Rogers
  • Browsers Assemble!
  • It’sAllConnected
  • Iron LAN
  • The WiFi Soldier
  • The BT Infinity Stones
  • NoStringsOnMe
  • WiFibranium
  • SkyeLab
  • ItsAllConnected
  • StarLord Password : who???
  • Wi-Man and the Fi
  • Xmen area
  • Javirs is here
  • Download Javris
  • Iron Man zone
  • Avengers town wifi
  • Avengers Personal
  • Black Widow personal
  • Captain America Protecting this wifi
  • American Wifi
  • Spiderman Web is here
  • Spidernam Personal
  • Thor’s Thunder network
  • Odin wifi
  • Asgard Wifi zone
  • Asguard Zilla

Bollywood Funny Wifi Names

Many Indians love to use Bollywood dialogs as their wifi SSID names. So we here the best wifi names according to Bollywood stars and Dialogs. If you liek the list please share with your friends.

  • Kutte Meh tera khun pi jaunga
  • Aao Raja
  • Kundi na kharkao
  • Hum apke heh kon
  • Is riste ka kya naam du
  • Don’t underestimate the power of a common man
  • Ladki aur rocket aapko kahin bhi le jaa sakte hain
  • Kaha se ate heh yeh log
  • Greeb ka wifi
  • Wifi lelo frandz
  • Munna bhai zone
  • Madarjhat
  • Vimal pan masala zone
  • Saas V Kavi baahu thi

That’s it for this post. These are the best Funny wifi names of 2018. If you want to shock your friends, Neighbor girls, or anyone who wants to connect your wifi. If you have any problem please feel free to comment down below. The wifi names are 100% unique and new in the market.

Here we have shared funny wifi names, wifi names, best wifi names, cool wifi names, wifi full name, clever wifi names, good wifi names so please share with your friends and family. You can find 1000+ Funny wifi names on this page. Moreover, we have updated all the list. You can find the specific list on the menu bar.

You can use all of the names without any problem. because most of them are not contains any adult words. Now shock your friends, Family using the Best Funny Wifi Names 2018 . If you like the post please share with your family for sure. Also if you have any name collection please comment down below we will update the list using your name.