Complete List of Japanese Boy Names with their Meanings

Many Japanese boy names are chosen from brave warriors or gentle souls with simple spellings and profound meanings that suit every kind of family. It is also linked to the elements or familial ties such as ‘first son’.

Japanese names usually carry a meaning that is grounded in nature or conveys messages related to the family and community. Many Japanese names may be written differently, have different meanings, and ring similarly. One thing to keep in mind is that Japanese names can have different meanings due to different kanji (character structures) in the Japanese language.

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Japanese boy names
Japanese boy names

Whether you are interested in Eastern culture or honoring your own heritage, our overview of Japanese names maybe is one of the ways to inspire you. Besides, we will also introduce you to lists of Japanese names as well as explain their meaning

Overview of the Japanese name

The writing system in Japanese includes kanji, hiragana, and katakana. Kanji are symbols representing a word, such as a verb, a noun, or the root of an adjective. Hiragana is used for new foreign language words, and katakana represent syllables.

That is the reason that many Japanese names can be written differently, with distinct meanings, and sound the same. In fact, the Japanese names often revolve around a specific kanji rather than a single name

The writing system in Japanese 
The writing system in Japanese

The Japanese language is pretty complicated, so remember that Japanese names for boys often have multiple meanings due to the characters used. Using the family name as a first name may be a creative solution to finding a Japanese name for your boys. If you are going to name your boy after the Japanese language, be sure you are familiar with the meaning.

Japanese boy names are generally strongly attached to the actual meaning of their words, and as such, in Japan, it is easier to know what anyone’s name means, regardless if you have heard the meaning given previously.

How do get Japanese boy names?

Names given are usually written using Chinese characters called kanji, which drastically changes the meaning and pronunciation of a name. Often, one name may be made up of multiple different combinations of kanji, giving a name many possible meanings. Typically, you will see Japanese names written with kanji (meaning Han characters), though some people will also use Hiragana or Katakana, while others will use a mixture. Akio may mean several different things depending on what kanji is used to write it.

One popular way of using kanji characters in a child’s name is by choosing a kanji for your child’s birth years animal as his or her name. Kenzo can be a good choice of name for parents who love the popular Enzo name but would like something Japanese. For an interesting bonus, Tetsu is also the translation for twins, making it an ideal pick for a male child in a male-female pair. We thought that the Japanese boys’ name meaning Fumihito made it an excellent choice for an author or someone who works in the caring professions, like doctors, nurses, or counselors.

Some suggestions for Japanese boy names

If you are looking for some interesting boys’ names surrounded by Japanese folklore, these are the names to consider. Get a list of unique, cool, and cute Japanese boys’ names with unique meanings that will help you to get a better name for your baby. Japanese Boy Names Meaning Dark Words meaning dark can be used as unique Japanese names for boys too.

List of the popular Japanese boy names:

  • Haruto (tender sound)

  • Riku (wise sky)

  • Haru (spring moon)

  • Hinata (sunny place)

  • Kaito (supportive person)

Cute Japanese boy names

There are plenty of cute Japanese boy names that you can consider in the below list.

Name “Akito”-Japanese boy names
Name “Akito”-Japanese boy names
  • Akito (bright)

  • Benjiro (enjoys peace)

  • Dai (a shining individual)

  • Hansuke (a helpful friend)

  • Hiroyuki (a lot of happiness)

  • Kazumi (beautiful peace)

  • Koji (little one)

  • Naoyuki (truth and happiness)

  • Reiji (a well-mannered baby)

  • Yo (honest or truthful)

  • Yoshio (righteous boy)

The rarest Japanese boys’ name

Many Japanese names are inspired by nature, your surroundings, or even the weather on the day he’s born which makes them unique

Akito - The autumn season in Japan-Japanese boy names
Akito – The autumn season in Japan-Japanese boy names
  • Aoi (holly flower)

  • Akito (autumn season)

  • Aoki (evergreen blue tree)

  • Chiharu (means springs and clear skies)

  • Doi (mountain, earth)

  • Ren (the love of lotus)

List some best Japanese boy names

Read on for the list of some of the best Japanese boys’ names for your new baby, you can spot some unique male Japanese names you’ve never heard before. You can also find out some gender-neutral Japanese names and these Japanese girls’ names.

  • Akihiko (bright prince): In the Marvel Comics universe, Akihiko was a Yakuza boss who survive the activation of the infinity gauntlet, and subsequent mass extinction.

  • Akihito (bright and compassionate): An emperor of Japan has named Akihito reigned from Jan. 7, 1989, until April 30, 2019

  • Akimitsu (bright light)

  • Akio (bright or luminous)

  • Aoi (hollyhock or blueish-green) Aoi was number 9, and of the top ten names by kanji, Aoi was number 10.

  • Arata (fresh or new) This is a popular, cute name for baby boys in Japan that mean plow in Italian

  • Asuka (tomorrow or fly and fragrance or bird) Asuka’s most common written form is 明日香, which translates to tomorrow and fragrance, and it is a gender-neutral name.

  • Ayumu (walking dream)

  • Daichi (It is meaning earth in Japanese)

  • Daiki (great brightness)

  • Daisuke (great, big, or help): this is the main character in one of the best anime for kids. In the Japanese original, he’s Daisuke, not Davis.

  • Denki (electricity or electrical): This name can be found in the popular series called My Hero Academia.

  • Fumihito (writing and compassion): This is a great choice if your family in a caring profession, such as doctors, nurses, or counselors

  • Genji (two beginnings):

  • Goro (six and son): In Norway, Goro is a type of sweet bread that is flavored with cardamom and is like the love child of a cookie and a waffle.

  • Hachirō: The kanji for Hachirō are 八郎 and are pronounced HA-CHEE-RO which means eight and son.

  • Haru (light, sun, male, or spring): Haru is a gender-neutral name. While it is the word for the spring season in Japan, it is the Korean word for the day.

  • Haruka (distant or remote): The single kanji, 遥. It can also be made with either 春, meaning spring, or 晴, meaning clear weather

  • Haruto (light, sun, male, plus soar, fly) This is the most popular baby boy name in Japan by sound

  • Hayate: Hayate has a rather poetic meaning, which is the sudden, powerful sound of the wind.

  • Hibiki (sound or echo) This is also the ingredient of a type of whiskey which is launched by the Japanese whiskey company

  • Hideaki (shining excellence)

The meaning of “Hideaki”-Japanese boy names
The meaning of “Hideaki”-Japanese boy names
  • Hideyoshi (This name is meaning excellent and virtuous, good, respectable)

  • Hikaru (light or brightness)

  • Hirohito (abundant or compassionate)

  • Hiroshi: This is the most commonly used kanji for Hiroshi means tolerant, generous, and prosperous.

  • Isamu (brave)

  • Itsuki:  Itsuki means tree because of Using the kanji’s nanori reading

  • Jun (pure, clean, simple, or moisture) It is also  a fermented drink, similar to kombucha but made with green tea and honey

  • Junichi (obey, submit, or pure)

  • Junpei (pure, peaceful) Junpei is a purely masculine name in Japan. However, in China, this name can be used by both boys and girls, the meaning of the name is depending on the combination of characters used.

  • Kaede: It means maple.

  • Kaito  (海, meaning sea, ocean, and 翔 meaning soar, fly)

  • Kaoru (薫/郁/芳, meaning fragrance) This is a gender-neutral name


If you have Japanese roots or connections in Japan that you want to honor, consider giving the child a name from this list of popular, cute, and unique Japanese names for boys and girls. Hopefully, this list of cute Japanese names for boys has given you some inspiration in your search for baby names, so that you can come up with something unique, strong, and meaningful.

Last Updated on June 30, 2022