Dirty Team Names-The complete List of Dirty Team Name Ideas

By the dirty team names, you will have a good laugh and giggle from yourself and the viewer, so coming up with a team name that is sleazy and vulgar can be seen as a good suggestion. It also helps to get the attention of the crowd. Here, we have provided a few fun ones, so take a look at these team names and groups, you can find here some ideas about fun, interesting, fantasy, or dirty team names.

However, please remember that it is not to be used for an office competition, if not, you will responsible for the consequences! In addition, if you are interesting in our lists, you can also check out other exciting team names on our Top Funny Wifi Names website to have more inspiration.

Dirty Team names
Dirty Team names

How to get dirty team names?

Naming a team is a difficult task. It’s important to choose the right type of name for your situation and what you’re trying to achieve. Besides, you also could consider the feeling of others about your choice of names.

If you are wondering why a team with names like Sexual Deshault is not on the list, just know it is because we never ever post anything mocking an actual, traumatizing situation. If you are going into a league that is applauding ridiculous, dirty terms, then your team name needs to be messy and ridiculous, too, in order to get a crowd laughing.

Many want to learn how to pick a team name, but not all are sure where to start. In this article, we are going to give you an extensive list of vulgar name ideas for teams, which will help you to think up something awesome for your organization. If you are having trouble with figuring out all this, you can simply head over to the Team Name Generator and find a few great vulgarity team names in just a few seconds.

Team Name Generator
Team Name Generator

You could choose a team name that is raunchy, clever, and messy because vulgarity does not just sound unique, it helps your team stand out with confidence on the field. Without further ado, here is a list of 120+ Dirty, vulgar, improper, offensive fantasy team names.

Dirty Team Names for your Fantasy Football team

There are a lot of types of team names out there, but one of the more varied categories will be Dirty Team Names. The vulgar, witty, and dirty team name not only sounds unique but also makes your team stand out from the rest

This is a perplexing task, however, don’t worry, we are here to help you choose the team name you like by collecting the dirtiest team name for a fantasy football league

  • The Shockers

  • Tom Brady’s Softballs

  • My Vick is Itchy

  • Hard White Pins

  • Mark’s Dirty Sanchez

  • Adrian BeaterSon

  • Sets on the Beach

  • Amari Pooper

  • Hard Balls

  • Dalvin Cook like Walter White

  • Roll it & Hit it

  • Team Ram Rod

  • A little Bump N Grind

  • 2 Gurley’s One Kupp

  • Devontae Bukkake

  • we’re huge in Japan

  • Eat that T-Wat son

  • Be Low Me

  • The Cunning Stunts

  • Jovan Belcher Pistol Offense

  • Hit for Brains

  • The Joy of Rex

  • The Sandusky Shower Buddies

  • Suck My Koch

  • Jack Goff

  • Off in a Tube Sock

  • Pearl Necklace

  • New Directions

  • Jamison and Cook

  • Slob on my Cobb

  • The Zeke-a Virus

  • I’d Hit That

Dirty Team Names for Girls’ Fantasy Football

These awesome ideas will help you to come up with a great team name in no time. If your team is looking for something easy yet still unique, then these suggestions will help them come up with a great name that represents their team.

  • Forte Yard Dash

  • The Deflatriots

  • We Dez Boys

  • Fourth & Lynches

  • Bye Week

  • Catch it Like Beckham

  • Should’ve Been a Cowboy

  • Johnny Backup

  • Oher Nah?

  • Dead Manziel Walking

  • Husain in the Membrane

  • Too Legit to Colquitt

  • Won’t Get Foles Again

  • Kaepernickelback

  • Built Bradford Tough

  • Blood, Sweat and Beers

  • Two Buck Luck

  • OMG, Literally Dez

  • JPP, You’re A Firework!

  • JPP Let Your Finger Burst

  • The NeverEnding Torrey

  • Deflators Gonna Deflate

  • Jamaal About That Bass

  • Montee Can’t Buy You Class

  • Forte Shades of Jay

  • Brady Antebellum

  • Flaccoroni and Brees

  • Jumping for Jordy

  • Odell She Didn’t!

  • Odelllllllllll, No!

  • Gould Digger

  • Witten in the Stars

  • Keep Calm and Megatron

  • Watt Me Whip, Watt Me Nae Nae

  • Tashard By An Angel

  • My Fair Brady

  • Jameis and the Giant Peach

  • My Ball Zach Ertz

  • Basic Bitch Brady

  • Tebows Before Hoes

  • Uggs & Soft Balls

  • Dude Look Like a Brady

  • Breesus Saves

  • Johnny Rehab

  • All Nude Edleman’s Club

  • AP Switch Hitter

  • Uggs and Thugs

  • Airing it Out (Of The Balls)

  • I Don’t Give A Tuck

  • Geno-cologist

  • Montee’s Schweddy Balls

  • Oops I Crabtreed My Pants

  • Fairley Drunk

  • Rice’s Elevator Rides

  • Edward Forte Hands

  • Do The Sankey Leg

  • You Kaepernick the Future

  • For Whom Odell Tolls

  • In a Van Down By The Rivers

Dirty Team Names for Bowling Team

Bowling is a recreational game that allows you to play it individually or on a team. Some players say that playing bowling on a team is more enjoyable than individually. If you want to play as a team, the first task is to name your team. One of the best ideas for naming is a dirty name that makes the listener laugh hysterically. We will give you some ideas in the following list

Bowling Team names
Bowling Team names
  • Sofa King Awesome

  • Dig Balls

  • My Ball Zach Ertz

  • Ballz Deep

  • OJ Howard did it

  • Alvin Cum Mora

  • Put My Fleener In Your Slot

  • Nice Ace

  • Morning Woodhead

  • Huge Ditka

  • Strike My Pins!

  • You Can Luck Goff!

  • Stefon Diggs your kitty

  • Romo Witten His Pants

  • Show Me Your TD’s

  • I Can See Your Bush

  • Will Work for Sets

  • FDR’s Marathon Runners.

  • Gronk’s VD

  • Hit-Faced

  • JAX Off

  • Ball Slappers

  • Reverse Cowgirls

  • Dirty Mark Sanchez

  • Rub my Nick Chubb

  • Shoot it All Over Me

  • She blew my Smith-Schuster

  • Lacerated Spleens

  • 1912 Titanic Swim team.

  • Your Martz Stink

Dirty Team Names for Volleyball team

Another exciting game is volleyball which also allows you to play it on a team with your friends. It is more entertaining if your team name has a little bit of humor. A dirty name will help you with this task. Here are some suggestions that you can consider naming your new team

Volleyball team names
Volleyball team names
  • The Purple Helmets

  • The Four Nick-Haters

  • Boo Cocky Boys

  • Menace 2 Sobriety

  • Joe Mixon’s Girlfriends

  • We Always Get it Up

  • Future Omalu Patients

  • Dak Head

  • The Jacquizz Stains

  • Aiken Rawls

  • Kickballs in Your Mouth

  • Peyton Barber Beefcake

  • Irritable Bowe Syndrome

  • Carlos Hyde the salami

  • Pryor TD’s Out

  • Put your thumb in it!

  • Golden Taint

  • Scared Hitless

  • Ball Sacks

  • Gisele on me

  • Never go Asomugha to Mouth

  • Get off my Ditka

  • Golden Tate Showers

  • Erect Decker

  • That’s What She Set!

  • Y. Jelly

Hockey Team Names Ideas

Hockey is a game that requires your team must to work with others really well to win big. A great team name will be something that can inspire your team.

However, if you are a team lacking in creativity, do not know what to call yourself, or are just looking to get a good laugh, here are some of the most hilarious, absurd, and completely filthy team names in trivia. This list contains plenty of creative ideas to help you pick out a great name for your fantasy hockey team

Hockey team names ideas
Hockey team names ideas
  • Rainiers

  • Seahawks

  • Metropolitans

  • Kraken

  • Thunderbirds

  • Sockeyes

  • Renegades

  • Whales

  • Sasquatch

  • Seawolves

  • Puffins

  • Emeralds

  • Sockeyes

  • Totems

  • Sabercats

  • Seals

  • Eagles

  • Black Bears

  • Seagulls

  • Rapids

  • Nighthawks

  • Cougars

  • Reign (or Royals)

  • Sea Lions

Dirty Trivia Team Names

You can make your trivia nights erotic and engaging by using a few dirty team names for your trivia teams. To keep things fun, we have put together a list of Dirty Trivia Team Names for your next trivia night. We had several themes for our Dirty Disney Trivia Night, but the best was coming up with all-time best trivia team names.

Dirty trivia team names
Dirty trivia team names
  • Shocker Balls

  • Balls in the Pocket

  • Monica Loves Clinton Dix

  • Gutter Sluts

  • Forte-Inch Ditka

  • Smoke a Bowe

  • The Bowl Movements

  • Kenny Nude Stills

  • No Romo

  • Kissing Cousins

  • Rough sets

  • Two Bump Chumps

  • RIP Chelsea Clinton’s Virginity

  • Triple Penetration

  • Hardcore Sets

  • Kareem MILF Hunter

  • Big Black Balls

  • Ted Stevens’ former pilots

  • Practice Safe Sets

  • Lane Lappers

  • Vick in a Box

  • Foot to balls fetish

  • My Ditka Got Your Gurley Off

  • Schindler’s Assist

  • Hernandez’s not so tight end

  • Best Rex Ever

  • Dak Off

  • Three-hole punch

  • Kinky Sets

  • Bust Wings Chops

  • Be On Couch Nine

  • Zoom A Dozen

  • Off One’s Tree

  • Bed In The Water

  • Out Of Forrest

  • Rule As A Cucumber

  • Back Seat Pressure

  • Kings And Needles

  • In God’s Game

  • Chew The Fact

  • Dead To The Girls

  • Bag Of Six

  • Calm From Behind

  • A Butter Pill

  • Last Butt Not Least

  • Nacho Repulic

  • Sock It Off!

  • Hit The Magic Button

  • Chief On Your Shoulder

  • Danger Cats And Dogs

  • In The Law Run

  • Answer A Cloud

  • Dad Fetch My Bottom

  • Set The Balls Rolling

  • Whole New Balls Game

  • Keep A Straw Face

  • A Doubting Taco

  • Mermaid Of Truth

  • All Shark, No Bite


When burdening workloads, you may need something exciting and entertaining. One of the good choices is to join a team and make your fun time more exciting by using dirty team names. Hopefully, reading to the end of this article, you will have some useful ideas for naming your team.

Last Updated on July 5, 2022