How to get Khajiit names-Complete List of Khajiit Names

The Khajiit are a race of humanoid cats that have feline bodies. They live on the continent of Tamriel, primarily in Elsweyr that are known for being exceptionally intelligent, agile, and having great trading abilities. The naming convention of Khajiit names includes the usage of affixes and honorifics to note their skills, talents, and distinctions.

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Khajiit names
Khajiit names

Introduction to Khajiit and the game The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim

What is The Elder Scroll?

Khajiit is one of the prominent races in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim game which is an open-world RPG game that allows you to transform into an unknown character that is shunned, however, by the relentless efforts gradually, he becomes a talented knight or mage loved by everyone.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim game
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim game

How to play the game

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is set 200 years after the events of Oblivion, in the fictional Skyrim province on the continent of Tamriel of the planet Nirn. This place took place a fierce battle without end between the two Imperial factions and the army that liberated Stormcloak.

The plot revolves around an unknown death row inmate who is hated by the world. He escaped death fortunately when he was executed. Accidentally, he discovered that he had an innate ability to absorb the power of a dragon’s corpse.

After that event, the main character’s reputation rise, and people drew more attention to him. At this time, he was assigned an extremely noble mission to destroy Alduin which is a dragon predicted to destroy the world.

Players will transform into one of the following races Breton, Khajiit, Elf, Orc… Then the player will begin their journey in either Imperial or Stormcloak factions.

Outstanding Species

– Altmer: This is a race of goblins with pale yellow skin, the most intelligent in the game, and has the strength in using magical power with extremely high damage.

– Khajiit: This is a race of humans and cats, a race of slaves in the continent of Tamriel. Suitable for stealth gameplay with high flexibility.

– Orcs: This was a bloodthirsty race that scared other species, but gradually reformed and became more integrated. They are suitable for close-quarter combat.

Introduction to Khajiit

Khajit is a race of feline people in the Elder Scrolls universe. They can be gigantic beasts (Pahmar), they can also be the exact likeness of a common housecat (Alfiq). Khajiit physiology differs greatly following the lunar lattice of Nirn’s two moons.

The naming convention of Khajiit names

When choosing a Khajiit name, it is important to use affixes and honorifics to note the skills, talents, and distinctions of a Khajiiti individual.

Male prefixes and suffixes are including:

  • Dar: Meaning thief, clever, ingenious.

  • Dro: Meaning grandfather, patriarch, wise male.

  • Jo: Meaning mage, scholar, illustrious male ancestor.

  • Ra: Meaning chief (military unit, clan).

  • Ri: Meaning kings, Mane (very rare title, always male).

  • Da: Meaning unmarried male.

Female prefixes and suffixes are including:

  • Daro: Meaning thief, clever, ingenious.

  • Dra: Meaning Grandmother, matriarch, wise female.

  • Ko: Meaning Mage, healer, illustrious female ancestors.

  • Ja: Meaning Chief

  • La: Meaning Unmarried female.

  • Ka: Meaning Married female.

Nonspecific prefixes and suffixes are including:

  • Do: Meaning Warrior, respected fighter.

  • J/Ja/Ji: Meaning Young adult, a bachelor.

  • M/Ma: Meaning Child, apprentice.

  • Qa: Unknown meaning.

  • S: Meaning Adult.

  • Sa: Unknown meaning.

  • Sha: Unknown meaning.

There are at least 16 recorded types of Khajiit. Ta’agra is the name of the Khajiit tribes and realms of Eleswyr, however, nearly every itinerant or migrated Khajiit name tends to be Cyrodiilic (i.e. human-like English). In general, they are known to be very intelligent and quite agile.

Some of Khajiit’s people do not have a surname because they are hiding their past or just never had one. A lot of the surnames are inspired by Arabic and Indian cultures. Due to similarities, you will be fine with any surname that is African or Arabic-derived;

When it comes to the Khajiit women’s names, it is important to note that they come with 15 prefixes and suffixes. Basically, the prefixes are specific for the sex, meaning there are a few different types of names for both Khajiit men and women. A Khajiit will typically attach honorifics – most often masculine, but also often feminine – to their names, honorifics usually being related to their age, social position, and skills/talents.

Gender-neutral names, that dual-act as a Khajiit name for a man and as a Khajiit name for a woman, as well as Khajiit who are gender-nonbinary, are all in line with Elder Scrolls lore. Nicknames may also be used under the right circumstances, though keep in mind they do not completely replace the Khajiiti name.

The given names of the male Khajiit from Arena and Daggerfall appear to be composed of one of fifteen prefixes and one of sixteen suffixes. Early games such as Arena and Daggerfall used to feature Khajiit family names such as Apkothis, but games following Daggerfall have no Khajiit surnames.

Now that you already know some rules of creating a name for your Khajiit, you can check our list of 50+ Khajiit names, learn what they mean, and pick one that is most appropriate for your character according to his/her personality and position within the culture. The best process is either generate names using this Khajiit Name Generator and come up with an ending that appeals to you, or check out some of the best male Khajiit name ideas below.

How to name Khajiit

If you are playing a game like the elder scrolls online, and you selected your character to be Khajiit, and cannot decide on the name of your character, then you can use Khajiit Name Generator to generate a name for your character. Here, you can generate all kinds of Khajiit Names like Skyrim Khajiit Names, Female Khajiit Names, Male Khajiit Names, Badass Khajiit Names, Elder Scrolls Khajiit Names, Cute, Funny, Cool Khajiit Names.

Now, let’s take a look at this AWESOME collection of names that are the perfect FIT for the Khajiit in Skyrim. Here are some AWESOME name ideas, listed below.

Khajiit Names For Girls

A cute and tough female Khajiit name can be suitable for a female Khajiit in Skyrim.

Khajiit names for girls
Khajiit names for girls
  • Ahdarji: She is a retired Khajiit thief residing in Leyawiin found in The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion.

  • Aisha: It is meaning the person who is alive

  • Am-Ra means “princess”. She is one of many Khajiit slaves imprisoned in Sinisbadon near Ald Sotha in The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind.

  • Chiranirr:  a Khajiit member of the Balmora thieves’ guild in Morrowind.

  • Habashi: ( means black). This is one of the most iconic femaleKhajiit names for a thief class character.

  • Khayla: She is another steel-clad caravan guard in Skyrim who usually travels with Ri’saad.

  • Ohama (meani God’s gift of grace). Ohama is a Khajiit apothecary in the Alik’r desert.

  • Ra’shida (means righteous).

  • Ra’zhinda: She is a female Khajiit who caravan guard clad in steel armor

  • Shavari (means period between sunrise and sunset).

  • Ubaasi (means yawning).

  • Za’ina (means pretty).

  • Za’ra (means princess).

  • Zelma (means protective like God’s helmet)

Khajiit Names For Boys

If you are looking for the name of your male character in The Elder Scrolls Online and have not found a name yet, then you should try out this list of best Male Khajiit names for choosing a one for your character.

Khajiit names for boys
Khajiit names for boys
  • Ak’bar means “greatest”. This name can be associated with the famous Mughal Emperor in India, Akbar.

  • Ak’mai means “clever”.

  • Ak’ram means “most generous”.

  • Boudewijn means “a bold friend”.

  • D’quan means “spring”.

  • Dro’na means “teacher” who is a mythical character from the epic ‘Mahabharata’.

  • Fa’brizio means “skilled worker”.

  • Fa’razin means “learned man”.

  • Fa’zil means “superior”.

  • J’ffer measn “God Peace”.

  • J’Kinto means “Hyacinth flower” (a wordplay on Jacinto).

  • Jarrick means “rule with a spear”.

  • Omar means “flourishing”. This is an iconic hitman character from ‘The Wire’,

  • Shardul means “tiger”.

  • Taavetti means “adored”.

Gender Neutral Khajiit Names

  • Ah’mal means “to have hope”.

  • Ak’achi means “God’s hand”.

  • D’esta means “pleasure”.

  • Ehsan means “charitable”.

  • Jojo means “God raises”.

  • Kh’atlego means “to achieve”.

  • M’kena means “delighted”.

  • S’kylar means “scholar”.

Khajiit Names Inspired By The Moon

You can consider some other names that is depending on the Khajiit Skyrim features

Khajiit names based on the Khajiit Skyrim features
Khajiit names based on the Khajiit Skyrim features
  • Ar-M’strong: This is a wordplay on the second name of astronaut Neil Armstrong.

  • Al’talune means “over the moon”.

  • Badru means “born during full moon”.

  • J’richo means “city of the moon”.

  • Kynthos means “to hide” (from Greek ‘kynthano’). This is the name that is suitable for male Khajiit names because Khajiit characters tend to be experts at sneaking

  • M’ahrukh means “face like the moon”.

  • M’ayar means “moonglow”.

  • Mass’ar means “mass-celebrating priest”.

  • Qam’ar means “the moon”.

  • Secunda means “second”. Secunda is the other moon of Nirn.


If you are looking for the name of your character in The Elder Scrolls Online and have not found a name yet, you should try out these lists of best Khajiit names for choosing one for your character.

Last Updated on June 30, 2022