Introduction to Funny Last Names and their Meaning

The funny last names are the same as many other last names, they are used to identify people and distinguish one family from the other. It is also the way to recognize people’s professions and became hereditary.

Sometimes, we can see an unusual surname or funny last name. It can be fun because they could mean different things in different languages. However, we have to understand and respect their last name’s meanings and roots, whether how it sounds or means. The last name conveys the period and places it belongs. In this article, we list some of the funny last names with their meaning to avoid the wrongs.

Funny last names
Funny last names

On the other hand, if you have a fictional character, it is an interesting process of choosing a last name that either fits with the characters naming or is totally different from their name.

Choosing an interesting last name for your character can make them appear much more relatable to your audience. How to get the last name of a character that matches the genre, and is significantly related to the place where your character comes from? Surely that a list of unique, funny last names is a big help for you.

Some of the funny last names in the world

 These interesting last names just sound interesting, and they are also a great way to inject some humor into your creations. There are a few cool last names that we have heard of and have looked up to such as:

Some funny last names
Some funny last names
  • Assman: This is a German last name that means “beloved”. The original of this word is from Erasmus

  • Aycock: This name is used for people who lived in Heycock in Berkshire.

  • Baal: This is an old French baud that is meaning  “joyful.” Bader

  • Bader: It is not only a German last name but also an occupational name for an attendant or owner of a public bathhouse.

  • Ball: This means someone lives near a rounded hill.

  • Beaver: This is an  English surname that originated in Old French. It means “fair” or “lovely”, voir is meaning “to see.”

  • Bellagamba: This Italian last name means “beautiful leg.”

  • Berger: It originated from the word bergier in old French, that is meaning “shepherd.”

  • Bierhals: It is meaning “beer throat” in German.

  • Bottom: It is an old English last name, that means “valley bottom”,

  • Bracegirdle: It is a surname of Anglo-Saxon origin, this name is also the occupational name of “maker of breech-girdles” belts for holding up breeches in ancient times.

  • Chew: Chew is a Chinese, Korean, Cantonese, and Hokkien surname.

  • Cock: It is a medieval nickname, that is meaning “rooster.”

  • Cockburn

  • Cok: This is one of the most common Chinese surnames, which means “the wall that surrounds a city.”

  • Dikshit: Dikshit (or Dixit) is an Indian surname that means “provider of knowledge” in Sanskrit.

  • Dork: The name is meaning “powerful people.” which is original from the Germanic

  • Duck: This is a variant of the German name Duyck.

  • Everhard: An English last name

  • Fagot: The meaning of this surname is unknown

  • Fokker: This is meaning “breeder” in Dutch.

  • Fuk: It is a Chinese surname that is meaning “to lean over” or “to fall.”

  • Fumagalli: It is an Italian surname that means “blow smoke at chickens.”

  • Gay: This is a nickname for a cheerful person, derived from the Middle English and Old French gai

  • Glydenbollocks: It means  “golden balls.”

  • Goff: This last name originated from a nickname for a red-haired person.

  • Gopnik: It is meaning  “drunken hooligan” in  Russian

  • Gotobed: This last name means people who have a bed, a rare occurrence in the 12th century.

  • Greedy: This name has another word for “horseman.”

  • Hardick is a habitational name for families residing in Hardwick in South Yorkshire and Derbyshire.

  • Licker: This is a nickname for a gourmand, and is a North German surname

Introduction to some other funny last names

I get that having one of these last names takes a pretty darn tough guy, and introducing yourself otherwise is probably going to be very awkward, although perhaps having the last name being so easily targeted with jokes might just make them a stronger, more humorous person

Other names are fun, fun enough that it can even make a person who is wearing them embarrassed such as

  • Poots

  • Dikshit

  • Assman

  • Wacko

  • Bonerz

  • Hyman

  • Cockburn

  • Cobbledick

  • Grossweiner

  • Wanket

  • Pornsuk

  • Hardick

  • Loser

Some funny last names
Some funny last names
  • Hooker

  • Twocock

  • Pusey

  • Crotch

  • Ballitch

  • Sackrider

  • Dickshot

  • Titcum

  • Bushrod

  • Hardon

  • Colon

  • Mangina

  • Weiner

  • Schmuck

  • Dickman

  • Aycock

  • Wankum

  • Hardmeat

  • Funny

  • Cock

  • Onion

  • Cooter

  • Booby

  • Cox

  • Boob

  • Cummings

  • Peed

  • Uranus

  • Butts

  • Ass

  • Wank

  • Haryasz

  • Hancock

  • Poo

  • Kock

  • Titball

  • Takeshita

Adult-sounding funny last names

  • House-Reckker

  • Busch-Graber

  • Filler-Quick

  • Wang-Holder

  • Moore-Rump

  • Best-Lay

  • Busch-Rash-Fillerup-Standing

Some funny last names in the UK
Some funny last names in the UK
  • Traylor-Hooker

  • Busch-Hacker

  • Speedy-Zeiper

  • Dick-Holder

  • Gross-Pantii

  • Stroker-Daily

  • Appel-Bottum

  • Rump-Orefice

  • Dick-Champion

  • Kuntz-Dick

  • Dick-Long

Funny Russian Last Names

The Russian language provides so much verbal variety and flexibility that even something as practical as a surname can be at once eccentric and loaded with meaning.

  • Ivanov

  • Petrov

  • Sidorov

  • Smirnoff

  • Volkov

  • Fedorov

  • Popov

  • Semenov

  • Mikhailov

  • Egorov

Funny Italian Last Name

  • Malinconico

  • Mezzasalma

  • Tagliabue

  • Bellagamba

  • Caporaso

  • Denaro

  • Contestabile

  • Falaguerra

  • Accusato

  • Peccati

25 Funniest Names Ever in real life

Funny last name
Funny last name
  •  Dic* Smasher – that’s exactly the real name!

  • Jesus Condom

  • Judy Grahm Swallow

  • Wang Liqin

  • Ben Dover

  • Stef Craps

  • Dixie Normous

  • Anurag Dikshit

  • Jack Goff

  • Justin Sider

  • Thomas Fister

  • Wendy Wacko

  • Brownie Shytles

  • Dic* Pound

  • Peter Bunerz

  • Heath Cockburn

  • B.J Cobbledick

  • Mike Wiener and Thea Beaver

  • Woody Held

  • Mike Litoris

  • Chew Kok

  • Yolanda Squatpump

  • Dr Pornsak

  • Bita Negar

  • Major Dickie Head

We believe that a possible reason is that people are becoming more and more self-conscious about having funny or interesting surnames, which might get others laughing. I wonder if the people that do have those last names eventually discover having them is fun, perhaps even getting a bit of an advantage when they are introduced to someone new, due to the way funny the awkward reactions of others can look.

The Rarest Last Names

Some of the strangest surnames are even unique surnames, which may go with the rare, and not-so-common, first name. The trends for unique surnames have changed dramatically over time, so finding that perfect match is difficult. Whatever reasons you might have, these beautiful last names were put together to satisfy the expectations of various people around the world. It is hard to pinpoint the rarest last names in the world, but these are certainly among them.

Rate last name
Rate last name

Uncommon surnames not only help your character grab immediate attention but also make them more mysterious and interesting.

  • Acker (old English origin) means “field”.

  • Agnello (Italian origin) means “lamb”

  • Alinsky (Russian origin)

  • Aphelion (Greek origin) means “point of the orbit at the greatest distance from the sun”.

  • Bartley (English origin) means “clearing in woodland”.

  • Bixby (English origin)This surname indicates someone living in Bigby, Lincolnshire.

  • Bonneville (French origin) means “good settlement”.

  • Botkin (English origin) means “someone who sells weapons”.

  • Brager (Norwegian origin) means “thundering or roaring”.

  • Brubaker (German origin) means “someone living close to a brook”.

  • Burris (Anglo Saxon origin) means “hill”.

  • Butterworth (Anglo-Saxon origin)means “home of butter”.

  • Caiazzo (Italian origin) means “from Caiazzo, Italy”.

  • Chalut (Latin origin) means “beyond”.

  • Clegg (English origin) means “haystack”.

  • Coffey (Gaelic origin) means“victorious”.

  • Copeland (old Norse) means “a land that is bought”.

  • Crespo (Latin origin) means “someone with curls”.

  • Croce (Italian origin) means “cross”.

  • Dempsey (Irish origin)means “proud”.

  • Ditka (Czech origin) means “important in war”.

  • Drewitt (German origin) means “phantom or ghost”.

  • Hutton (English origin) means “settlement”.

  •  Kellett (Anglo-Saxon origin) means “a slope with a spring”.

  • Lawless (English origin) means “outlaw”.

  • Merrick (English origin) means “fame rule”.

  • Morais (Portuguese origin) means “mulberry trees”.

  • Nuttal (English origin) means “nut nook” related to a particular area.

  • Ogden (English origin) means “oak valley”.

  • Sutcliffe (English origin) means “south of a cliff”.

  • Tobin (Irish origin) This last name is related to people who originated from Aubyn in France.


Hopefully, this article helps you pick out a great last name, which — paired with a great first name — can make your character a memorable character to behold. For even more funny names, check out our website Topfunnywifinames.

Last Updated on July 6, 2022