Name Of Guns – The Guide that Beginners Should Know

If you are interested in going to a shooting range and firing off a couple of rounds during your rest time, you probably want to know the names of guns and how they are distinguished from other types. This article will help you answer this question.

There are many types of guns including handguns, revolvers, shotguns, rifles, assault rifles, and machine guns. These various features will be suitable for different tasks.

Name of guns
Name of guns

Introduction to a gun

The first thing you should know about guns is that they are not toys. Guns are very powerful and have the potential to kill someone if used improperly. You should never point a gun at someone unless you intend to be in control of them.

What is a gun?

Guns are a type of weapon that can be used for hunting, self-defense, or even in the military.

Guns have been around for centuries and have been used in various circumstances. They have evolved over time to become more accurate and deadly than ever before. Guns are now so advanced that they can be fitted with laser sights and other attachments to make them more accurate.

Some guns come with lights, lasers, scopes, bipods, and other accessories that help you locate a target or assist with your shooting. Sidearms are composed of handguns, while main arms include SMGs, shotguns, rifles, sniper rifles, and machine guns.

Guns are also used for hunting animals and for self-defense purposes. Many different types of guns can be used for these purposes such as shotguns, rifles, pistols, and revolvers.

How does it work?

A gun is a weapon that uses the energy of an explosive chemical reaction to project a missile at high velocity. Guns use either chemical reactions or air pressure to propel projectiles. In some weapons, the projectile is self-propelled, but in others, the projectile requires an external source of energy.

The trigger releases the hammer, which strikes the firing pin, causing it to move forward and hit the back of the bullet casing. This causes an explosion inside of the bullet casing that propels the bullet out of the barre, which can cause fatal injuries.

Guns can be loaded with bullets, pellets, or paintballs depending on what type of game you are playing. They can also be loaded with other types of ammunition like rubber bands, darts, or arrows.

The way that a gun works
The way that a gun works

The earliest guns were developed in China in the 12th century and used fireworks as their propellant. The first modern guns were made in Europe in the late 1400s and used black powder as their propellant

In short, a gun is a simple machine with a few parts that work together to create the firing and reloading process.

The name of guns

We learn about some concepts of fully automatic and semi-automatic as well as the difference between them.

Semi-automatic: The firearm automatically reloads without any manual loading. It can repeatedly fire one bullet per one pull of the trigger.

Automatic: When the trigger mechanism is being utilized, the firearm will repeatedly fire until you release the trigger. Fully automatic guns will shoot more rounds every time you press the trigger until your magazine is empty.


Revolvers contain a cylinder wherein multiple chambers hold cartridges separately and rotate with each rack of the gun. With revolvers, you can shoot different sizes of bullet diameter. It also allows you to be used it with one hand.



The benefits of handguns are light, and suitable to carry for users. It is a strong punch, and very accurate. Handguns are smaller-caliber weapons with shorter barrels that are designed to be fired with either one hand or both hands.

It has a variety of sizes including full-sized, compact, sub-compact, and micro-compact/pocket pistols.

The common feature of modern semi-automatic handguns is fed by a detachable magazine



Unlike handguns, firing rifles require you to use both hands with posture as the stock is positioned against your shoulder. Some disadvantages of rifles are that the barrel is long and the bore will have rifling. The uniqueness found in rifles is that, unlike handguns, in which you only shoot a single bullet, rifles can shoot several bullets called shots.

Many semi-automatic rifles have external magazines that can hold between five and thirty rounds which can quickly be changed in order to reload the gun.


There are many types of rifles including

  • Lever-Action Rifles: It is the first design of rifles that is usually used by cowboys out in the wild west.

  • The Winchester Model 1886 was designed by Weatherby to match the new large-bore cartridges of the time. It carries on the traditions of the famous lever-action rifle. Based on the Henry repeating rifle from 1860, the famed Winchester featured a tube magazine that had a huge capacity for its day and rapid-fire lever action.

  • Winchester 1895 is the final firearm designed by John Browning for Winchester. The 1895 model was the first Winchester rifle to have a magazine below the action instead of a tube magazine.

  • Winchester Model 94 – 1894 is another excellent design by John Browning. The Winchester Model 94 is one of the most successful lever-action guns ever made and has likely killed more whitetail deer in the United States than any other firearm.

  • Bolt-Action Rifles: This is the most popular rifle in the world because it is accurate and easy to use. Bolt-action rifles were used during World War I, while semi-automatics were used in World War II. The Springfield was the first service bolt-action rifle in the world, marking the beginning of a new era of weapons and military tactics.

  • Semi-Automatic Rifles: This type of rifle help you load a cartridge into the chamber without manual operation. All you need to do is fire one round with one pull of the trigger

  • Break-Action Rifles: This type of rifle allows you to load and unload your cartridges by  pulling on the action release

The AR-15

Unlike AR that is stand for ‘assault rifle’,  AR-15 is exclusively a semi-automatic rifle that is named after its original manufacturer, Armalite.

However, please keep in mind that if you convert it into an automatic weapon, you will be in prison



They differ from handguns in the feature is that they can fire off multiple projectiles while handguns only have one projectile. Shotguns are short-ranged as the force from the single shot is divided among several pieces, and thus a shot loses its power of the shot as it travels

 In 1964, a new Winchester line of rifles and shotguns was introduced, which were easier to manufacture, and the guns that disappeared included this shotgun, replaced with a monster gun with the same name, but that ought to be strangled to death in its cradle.

Then the company took a chance, placing all of its eggs into one new basket, The Model 500 pump-action shotgun, which consumed the plants’ floorspace until the 80s when Mossberg acquired its first CNC machine and eliminated all production of all other guns.


There are many types of shotguns including break-action, lever-action, pump-action, and semi-automatic.

  • Break action shotguns: This is the simplest type of shotgun. They have one, two, or even three barrels side next to each other and have their shells loaded in by hand when the gun is broken open. If you are a beginner, single-barrel break-action shotguns are the best choice.

  • Lever-action shotguns: This type of shotgun has fallen out of popularity.

  • Pump-action shotguns: This is the most commons shotgun type

  • Semi-automatic shotguns: This type is the same as semi-automatic rifles in the way it works

Machine Guns

These types of guns are fully automatic weapons, these include submachine guns, heavy machine guns, light machine guns, and assault rifles/select-fire rifles.

  • Submachine guns: The American Thompson submachine gun and the British Sten submachine guns are common examples of this type.

  • Heavy machine guns: The Browning M2 heavy machine gun or the Maxim gun are examples of this type.

  • Light machine guns: Some light machine guns are known as the Lewins gun and the American M60. This type has highly collectible

Machine Guns
Machine Guns

A machine gun’s rounds are larger than those of an ordinary rifle, and it is impractical to have a magazine of such size. Most machine guns have much higher firing rates than normal rifles, and the typical magazine would not hold up very well.

Assault Rifles

This is one of the automatic guns, however, it differs from machine guns in the feature that it has a semi-automatic mode. The AK 47 is a common example of this type.

Assault Rifles
Assault Rifles

What is the best gun for beginners?

The best beginner gun is the gun that the person in question feels most comfortable with. It is important for a beginner to find a gun that feels good in their hands, has a trigger pull weight they can manage, and is easy to maintain.

The best guns for beginners may be a revolver or a semi-automatic handgun. Revolvers are easier to shoot because of the lower recoil. Semi-automatic handguns are easier to maintain because they have fewer parts which also means they have fewer things that can go wrong and cause jamming. Here is a list of some beginner-friendly semi-automatic handguns: Smith & Wesson M& P Shield 9mmSig Sauer P226 9mmSig Sauer P320 Subcompact 9mm Ruger LCP II 380ACP


In this article, we introduce to you an overview of a gun and the way it works as well as list some names of common guns. If you are a beginner, hopefully, some of the basic information will have use for you. For even more funny names, check out our website Topfunnywifinames.


Last Updated on July 12, 2022