Survival Multiplayer – The Ultimate List of SMP Name Ideas

Minecraft’s popularity is visible on social media, where thousands of players are discussing tactics and names. If you are a Minecraft fan, and looking for a group of interesting, mainstream, or unique names, then you are in the right place, this article may provide you with some great SMP name ideas.

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SMP names
SMP names

Introduction to SMP

What is SMP

SMP stands for Survival Multiplayer which is one of the new ways players in Minecraft are enjoying the game. This is a community server where they get together with friends and play. Depending on how you want to play, you can choose one of the different types of SMP servers such as Anarchy, Peaceful, and Modded.

It is the other half of a server’s name, which is a common type of Minecraft map which puts players up against an array of opponents, including other players, hostile non-player characters, and environmental threats like deadly, rapid-flowing lava.

SMP in Minecraft
SMP in Minecraft

What Makes A Minecraft Server SMP?

You can enjoy Minecraft by speedrunning the story mode, building impressive structures in creative mode, or playing Minecraft battle royale with friends. Survival multiplayer or SMP in Minecraft is the basic Minecraft experience but with established rules and lore (storyline).

How many types Of SMP Servers are In Minecraft?

 Survival, Creative, and Hardcore are three modes in Base Minecraft and SMP is a variation on the Survival mode in the game. Many different types of SMP servers on Minecraft such as Vanilla, Peaceful, Anarchy, etc, SMP Minecraft servers can be classified based on how much they are modded and the PvP dynamics.


This type of SMP server is suitable for players who want the original, unchanged Minecraft experience because Vanilla servers are unmodded, and include all the base game features


These servers have some quality-of-life changes to prevent Minecraft from feeling like too much of a grind. In general, Semi-Vanilla servers do not have economy, multi-world, or minigame plugins.


There are several kinds of modded servers to choose from, these include various plugins, additional functions, items, and a variety of custom content and game dynamics.

This is a place where the imagination goes wild as players can do everything from reenacting the hunger games to participating in an in-game economy.

Another type of popular modded server type is called Skyblock. It challenges players to live on floating islands, survive with fewer resources and reach the end dimension.

The meaning of an SMP name?

Your gaming friends only know your demeanor by your name, if you are using an accessible Minecraft name that is awesome in the given list, then your friends will have a great impression of you.

If you are going to make a new Minecraft account, you may want to make a username with the Minecraft name not taken as the username in order to showcase your awesomeness to your gaming friends.

How to get SMP name ideas?

How to set the color for your Minecraft name?

Once you create a new world in Minecraft, you may want to give the name to your Minecraft World in a specific color. First of all, you have to download the NBT Explorer program. Once pick the world of your choice, open ‘level.dat’ you go to the level name from your data entries. You will have the color code you want on the ‘Minecraft’ Wiki page which is entered before the text you want coloring. In this way, you could name your ‘Minecraft’ world in your chosen color

How to get SMP name ideas?

After building a Minecraft world in creative mode, you are sure to look for a cool name for the Minecraft world. You can use Minecraft Name Generators to generate some awesome Minecraft names with little to no effort from you. Most players are going to make fun, awesome, awesome Gamertags for their profiles, as it is… Gamertag generator; Minecraft user name generator; Roblox user name generator;…

Minecraft Username Generator
Minecraft Username Generator

Coming up with a unique Roblox Gamertag yourself may result in picking a less-than-ideal name, as you are low on ideas or are in a rush to set up an account. Your tag will not be seen unless players are looking straight at you. The best part of customizable shaped name tags is that they can be made in any shape or design, including Minecraft name tags.

I collected a few SMP name ideas from various sources including novels, movies, and comic books that you can use to think of names for characters from favorite book series. Here, I am going to walk you through the list, that includes the names of the Minecraft, and hope these ideas help you to name your Minecraft well. That is why, I am hoping that now, this list helps you to pick out a better name for the username of your Minecraft account.

Some SMP name ideas

Best SMP names ideas

  • HealerRole​

  • Astericc

  • BugNumero

  • Chromedx

  • Chronosco

  • JuZzSpot

  • Phiapht

  • Prouder

  • Santagal

  • Scapuls

  • SincereHeadlines

  • Solider

  • Partype

  • Stabber

  • RebelBabe

  • Crusher

  • Confler

  • FinestSolid

  • Digestey

  • Gurlyus

  • HyperFlea

  • ReporterFox

  • Reportski

  • Snowboardor

  • Thereat

  • Thrillaww

  • TwitScan

  • VivalaQuick

  • VulturePerfect

  • ChooseBreaking

  • Shayters

  • SimonCoverage

  • Sombererta

  • Obliterator

  • IssueCy

  • KurisuInvent

  • Leistorks

  • LoverLocal

  • Networen

  • Nice1Too

  • RelyHot

  • Exoticempt

  • Farerge

  • Conqueris​

  • JungWalker

  • FriedBee

  • BossFireball​

  • CartridgeZine​

  • Glimmette

  • InsiderTrevor

  • Clencher

  • Piertuck

  • ShadowReptile

  • Mortal Llama

  • FrostFull

  • D4Destroyer

SMP names ideas for Girls 2022

If you are a girl gamer and are considering a girlish name for your Minecraft usernames, the below list will be the suggestion for you

Minecraft names for girls
Minecraft names for girls
  • Queen Bee

  • Battle Mistress

  • Young Lady

  • Winner Woman

  • Chicky Fighter

  • Gentle Woman

  • Cute Crashers

  • BeachesGotU

  • Bloody Mary

  • legendary Princess

  • Slaying Girling

  • Pink Leader

  • Cinderella

  • Padmavati

  • Gun Digger

  • Junglee Sherni

  • Papa ki sniper

  • YourBFStares

  • Shy Gun

  • Candy Queens

  • Rosies

  • Killing Kissers

  • Margolem

  • Her Majesty

  • Leading Light

  • Dare the Flare

  • Butcher’s daughter

  • Selfish Queen

  • Gold digger

  • Asli Heera

  • Jungli Billi

Some ideas for 3 Letter Minecraft Names Not Taken

If you prefer some available 3 letters Minecraft names not taken, some names are listed below will be the choice that you could try

3 Letter Minecraft Names Not Taken
3 Letter Minecraft Names Not Taken
  • TURBO Trash

  • Shomniaz​

  • Reakermc​

  • Uppertain

  • Dark Thunder

  • KrimeBoiz

  • Skull Trooper

  • DivineB3ast

  • V3mpire GhosT

  • Evil dad

  • Teamcherpo​

  • PrestigeBadge​

  • Minettyear​

  • TargetPlayers​

  • TreasureBird​

  • Simulation​

  • Spuffynshu​

  • NewsRodeo​

  • Assassins Boys

  • Sweaty Sweet

  • SweatySweat

  • SweatyWarriorz

  • SweatyPie

  • ThinkGot

  • Oramasol​

  • Photixel​


  • Skirtz Chaser

  • Walking Undead

  • Raging Bulls

  • Killer Klowns

  • Legendary Looter

  • evilNOfear

  • Ghost Glider

Good Minecraft Server Names

  • Aspis

  • Elpro Hosting Company

  • Passion Digital

  • Appmonkeys

  • Chicken Dinner

  • Aiming High

Good SMP name ideas
Good SMP name ideas
  • Sever

  • Hostbox

  • Colada

  • Behind You

  • GreenNet Ltd

  • CentralNic Ltd

  • WreckTangle

  • Nefertiti

  • Royal FunZone

  • Bluedata

  • Iconic Digital

  • Alchemist Studios

  • Strange Bird Media

  • Digimax Dental Marketing

  • Double Double

  • Chevrolet Lovers

  • Tinley

  • Super Duper Updates

  • Squarespace

  • The Mobile App Developers

  • Terror

  • Alphabetic Afterimage

  • SkyWalker

  • D3R

  • End Point Corporation

  • PulseHost

  • MineServr

  • SmoothCriminal

  • Vex

  • Bloomsbury

  • MineOriginal

  • The Good Folk

  • Nameless Faceless

  • Delirious

  • Tequila

  • Iŋɩɱɩcʌɭ Tʜʋʛs

  • Atiba Hosting, LLC

  • New To Discord?

  • Predator

  • Taeekoo

  • Houston Rocket

  • The Daemon

  • Blackglass

  • Unobjectionable Pawn

  • Shadow Chaser

Good SMP name ideas
Good SMP name ideas
  • Under The Hood

  • NetworkGarde

  • Gangs Here

  • bigfootisreal

  • Better Than Jokes

  • HeirToThe PubicRegion

  • HubRaid

  • Blonde

  • Pink Nightmare

  • Coyote

  • Broadsword

  • Sloppy Wet

  • Anony Mouse

  • Out of House

  • Game Garage

  • Cyberwarrior

  • Grammar Jew

  • Dildo Swaggins

  • Tasks

  • Hostee

  • Angels Creed

  • YouSillyFool

  • Spark Marketer

  • Social Media Marketing Agency

  • Dearest Fun Fundas

  • Hostezza

  • Advanced Video

  • Leaseweb

  • SupaDupa Me

  • Lost World

  • Tibus

  • Faltu Dunia

  • Kid Game Play

  • Best Bluster

  • Nougat Drive

  • Wrench

  • Mojave

  • Counterclockwise Chi

  • Home Sweet Home;

  • Best Place Ever;

  • My Craft;

  • Cubic Heaven;

  • Minetropolis;

  • Wild Woods;

  • Squarevill;

  • Diamond City;

  • Diamond World;

  • Dreamtown;

Creative Ideas for Minecraft Server Names

  • Dragon Delta

  • Brady Mills

  • Selesti

  • Dsgn One Web design

  • No Child Support

  • Erectile Reptile

  • Krona’s Queens

  • Banshee

  • Ice Games

  • Aussie Web Design

  • Belle Starr

  • BossFight

  • Nextgen Games

  • Whiskey

  • North America

  • Stax

  • Bud Lightyear

  • Benelli

  • Brighter

  • Serverspace

  • Royal Randoms

  • Blasters

  • Highlander Monk

  • Akatsuki

  • MinServ

  • Ramona

  • Kim’s Lovers

  • Webdigi

Creative SMP name ideas
Creative SMP name ideas
  • Shaquille Oatmeal

  • Four Seasons

  • SurvivalWave

  • Doink

  • Akendi

  • NetworkGlance

  • Random Advice

  • Laugh Till Fight

  • Deceit

  • Peanut Butter Woman

  • Hosting Karma

  • MineConnection

  • Immamyth

  • Drop Stone

  • Good Gamer Tag

  • Oprah Windfury

  • Bloody World

  • WellEndowed Penguin

  • Naughty Girls

  • Beloved Ones Only

  • AllGoodNamesRGone

  • Gnaw

  • Newbie Gamers

  • Chipmunk

  • Earl of Arms

  • Instinct Studios

  • HeySuckerI

  • Mody Guys

  • HubClues

  • Whatcha LookingAt

  • Team Fanatic

  • Toxic Friends

  • HerpesFree Since03

  • Metal Star

  • Returns

  • Krystal Hosting

  • Camden

  • Clever Fashion Tips

  • H1SKS Web Studios

  • Hugs for Drugs

  • Sibra

  • Vapor

  • Demonic Criminals

  • Nashville SEO Company

  • BadKarma

  • Onespacemedia

  • MineBlok

  • Game Heroes

  • Cougar

Funny Minecraft Server Names

Funny SMP name ideas
Funny SMP name ideas
  • James Blonde

  • Lord Nikon

  • Mechanic Mike

  • kentuckycriedfricken

  • MineRacket

  • Rebellion

  • Speak Creative Nashville

  • GreenGeeks

  • Flyin Dedicated Servers

  • Zealot

  • 2idesign Ltd

  • Nonrecreational Filth

  • Vertical Web

  • Ass Whupper

  • Quarrelsome Strategy

  • Crazylad

  • Cleo

  • Sienna Princess

  • Fatty

  • Emerging Hotties

  • Amazed World

  • Uncompartmented Bob

  • Dɘɱoŋɩc Cʀɩɱɩŋʌɭs

  • Google Was My Idea

  • Chin Chilin

  • Stabber

  • Hostingsource

  • PrimeXeon Limited

  • Wiser

  • MineAlpha

  • Peaκaboo

  • Interserver

  • A2 Hosting

  • Fun Guys

  • Dead Shot

  • Straight Gangsters

  • Rimfire

  • Marmalade

  • HostToast

  • Quantum Business Consulting

Some Minecraft names ideas
Some Minecraft names ideas
  • Dark Entity

  • She-Devil

 Unique SMP names ideas

  • Civilization Era: It means “a society made up of cities”.

  • Dream Kingdom

  • Ethiopia Hall

  • Geeky World

  • Half Haven: It means “a somewhat but not entirely safe place”.

  • Jumbo Valley

  • Konnect Place: It means “friendly place”.

  • Rocks Hall: It is meaning “a place full of rocks”.

  • Seawoods Grande

  • The Diamond Place

  • The Tranquil Province

  • Ureka World: It is meaning “derived from eureka”.

  • Unique Hall

  • Victory Land: It is meaning “a land where you can win any game, battle or competition”.

  • Yo-Yo Valley:  “an unpredictable place”.


Now, that you have all the information for choosing a good Minecraft name for your account, you can either think up a unique name or you can select from the list of best Minecraft names, cool Minecraft names, Minecraft world names, usernames for girls, and usernames for boys, which we provided.

Last Updated on July 1, 2022