The Complete List of Christmas Team Names Ideas

Christmas becomes a time for community and family. When you enjoy it, you need to have wonderful Christmas team names in order to part in these festive team-based activities.

Many people consider Christmas their favorite holiday, so they usually open presents, decorate the tree, and celebrate the season with team activities. There are a lot of interesting activities during this time such as Trivia nights, game nights, Santa-themed bar crawls, scavenger hunts, fundraising drives, light festivals, and Christmas markets. If you still do not have any ideas, let us help you with some lists of Christmas team names.

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Christmas team names
Christmas team names

How to create your favorite Christmas Team Names?

Naming your Christmas teams and also your Christmas parties with some fun names will ensure that you attract crowds to your parties, and help you to build a little friendly competition between teams. Additionally, The Christmas Party name will help you to stand out from all the parties going on around your locality and catches the eye of all those in your vicinity.

Besides using one of our suggestions, you can also create your own unique and personalized team name by yourself with some tips below:

– You can take inspiration from your favorite Christmas song or hymn. The tons of phrase that is chosen from Christmas pop hits or religious hymns will be altered into a unique pun

– It is one of the most common practices we have that associates the team name with specific values and characteristics.

– You can also combine the names of your team members to create a Christmas team name. Once list the names of team members and try to match them to have a new Christmas-themed word

– Word puns from common Christmas sayings and phrases that make creative and fun team names. It will bring a laugh, and spread holiday joy.

Apart from this, if you are having trouble looking for a team name to use on Christmas Day, as well as a few tips on choosing your own team name, you can simply go to the team name generator and find out a few good Christmas team names within seconds.

Many people wonder how to choose a name for their team, but not all know where to start, then look no further. Now, take this whole guide and pick out the best name for your team.

Best Christmas party names ideas

All you need to do is a Christmas party with an attractive name for the holiday that gives more sparkle.

  • The Wise Men/Women

  • Candy Canes

  • 12 Courses of Christmas

  • Santa’s Helpers

  • Santa’s Night Party

  • A Storybook Christmas

  • Christmas Circus

  • Masquerade Ball

  • The Roasting Chestnuts

  • Building Christmas

  • Holly Jollys

  • Tinsel Toes

  • Christmas hat party

  • Winter Wonderland Christmas Party

  • Angels Party

  • Elves Belles

  • Naughty List

  • Red Nose Reindeers

  • The Holy Rollers

  • Friends of Rudolph

  • The Chocolate Factory

  • Gangster Wrappers

  • Sugar Plum Fairies

  • Peppermint Twists

  • A Christmas Story

  • The Santa Clause Holiday

  • Candyland

Best Christmas party names
Best Christmas party names
  • Grinch Gang

  • Cheesy Christmas Sweater Party

  • Eggnog’s

  • Christmas in Vegas

  • Santa’s Workshop

  • The NoelItAlls

  • Sleigh What?

  • Christmas Around the World

  • Jingle Junkies

  • Christmas Carol Karaoke

  • The Fruitcakes

  • Igloo Christmas Party

  • The Gingerbread Men

  •  Mystery Christmas Party

  • Christmas Sweater Party

  • A Christmas Masquerade Ball

  • Jingle Ballers

  • The Turkey ball

  • Party with the Elves tonight

  • Jingle Ball 2021

  • Merry Little Christmas Party

  • A December to Remember

  • Mistletoe Mania

  • Holidaze 2021

  • Cocktails and Candy Canes

  • Holiday HoHoHoedown

  • Jolly Jamboree

  • 1st Annual Goodwill Gala

  • Blitzen’s Ball

Giving a name to your Christmas party is like adding a few more elements to your Christmas party. That is also the reason we add these suggeststion in our article

Best Christmas team names

  • Jolly Holly Killers

  • The Noel-It-Alls

  • Jolly Saint Dicks

  • The Ho Ho Hoes

  • Red Nose Reindeers

  • The Promise Keepers

  • Angels on Horseback

  • Sugar Plum Fairies

  • Team Naughty

  • Retail-Slave Elves

  • Rudolph’s Red-Noses

  • The Jingle Balls

  • Scrooge’s Little Helpers

  • Chained Reindeer

  • Festivus Freaks

  • Donner’s Honours

  • Tinsel Toes

  • Christmas Team Names

  • Winter Wonderland

  • Jolly Saint Tricks

  • The Balls of Holly

  • The Mistletoe Wonderers

  • Operation Yuletree.

  • Merry Quizmas

  • Holly Jolly

  • The Stocking Stuffers

  • Yule-Log-y

  • Santa’s $8/ Hour Helpers

  • Jolly Saint Hicks

  • Santas Little Trotters

  • Santa’s Helpers

  • The Roasting Chestnuts

  • Team Krampus

  • Prancer’s Enhancers

  • Jolly Saint Pricks

  • Cheeses of Nazareth

Best Christmas team names
Best Christmas team names
  • NOEL!

  • Candy Canes

  • The Red Nose Reindeers

  • Solstice StarFighters

  • The Lil’ Drumma Boyz

  • Dancer’s Lancers

  • The Naughty List

  • Blitzen’s Brazens

  • The Mistletoe Jockstraps

  • The Roaring Chestnuts

  • The Wise Men

  • Kwanza Kolleagues

  • The Parumpapapums

  • Mulled Wine Militia

  • Three Kings

  • The Maids A Milkin’

  • The Fruitcakes

  • Construction Company Names

  • Silent Knights

  • Jolly Raunchers

  • Vixen’s Pixies

  • Lil’ Drumma boyz

  • The Jingle Belles

  • The Demented Elves.

  • Don and the Gay Apparels

  • Rudolph’s Drinking Buddies

  • Santa’s Sweet Cookies

Funny Christmas Team Names

We have put together a list of funny, creative, and best team names that will add a few more elements to make every event exciting.

Funny Christmas team names
Funny Christmas team names
  • The Grinch: The Trouble Makers.

  • Screaming Santas

  • Trolls Holiday

  • Here For Beer

  • Benchwarmers:

  • Christmas Chaos

  • Naughty Elves

  • Jolly Jingles

  • Christmas Pranks

  • Jingles All The Way

  • Bad Hair Day

  • Flying Santas

  • Happy Feet

  • Cocktails and Candy Canes

  • Booze First

  • Sugar Cookies

  • Procrastinators

  • Jingle Balls

Christmas Names for Trivia Team

If you are interested in creating your own team names for the Christmas season, the below names are listed for you

  • Cereal Killers

  • Worse Than Katy Perry

  • Merry Happy Whatever

  • Jingle Jangle

  • The Scrooges

  • The Spice Girls

  • Extra SANTAmental

  • Naughty List

  • Stinky Stockings

  • Grinch Gang

  • Presents First

  • Punny Elves

  • Santa’s Little Army

  • Presents On My Mind

  • Parumpapapums

Cute Christmas Team Names

These names will help you be the center of attention at a party, making Christmas Eve a joy

Sweet Christmas team names
Sweet Christmas team names
  • Lovable Angels

  • Love, Laugh, And Enjoy

  • Secret Santa Society

  • Disco Divas

  • Santa’s Little Jumpers

  • Sugar Rush Christmas

  • We Match

  • Mighty Candy Canes

  • Cuddling Santas

  • Gossiping Fairies

  • Christmas Memes

  • Greetings From Jesus

  • Lollypops: This is candy everyone loves.

  • Red Posse It makes you think about all red from head to toe.

  • Better Looking Every Christmas

Christmas group chat names

The holiday season is coming, you have a plan for shopping, decorations, and parties. If you prefer to do it with your friends, you need a group chat to make your plan. While you might have a group chat name that is an inside joke or punny friends phrasing, you will need these Christmas group chat names to keep the conversation focused this time of the year.

Christmas group chat names
Christmas group chat names
  • Snow Much Fun

  • Never Fir-get You

  • Ice To Have Some Friends

  • Candy Cane Cuties

  • Wrap It Up

  • Enjoying The Festivi-teas

  • There’s Snow Place Like Here

  • A Bunch Of Whos

  • License To Chill

  • Birch, Please

  • Fir Sure Friends

  • Lit AF

  • Watts Up

  • It’s Snow-time

  • Peppermint To Be

  • Takes One To Snow One

  • Snow Matter What

  • Ready, Set, Glow

  • Check Your Elf


In this article, we are going to give you an extensive list of Christmas Team Name Ideas that will help you to think of something awesome for your organization. Just follow these tips you can get the name of the Christmas team. Hopefully, by reading to the end of this article, you will take a great idea for your Christmas team name.

Last Updated on July 5, 2022