The Complete List of Unique, Cute, Funny Axolotl Names

You can name your Axolotls differently depending on their gender, such as Male, Female, Cute, Funny, and Awesome names that interest you. If you are still considering how to get Axolotl names for your pet, maybe you will have some great ideas when reading to the end of this article.

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Best Axolotl Name
Best Axolotl Name

Introduction to Axolotl

What is an axolotl?

As legend has it, the axolotl is the Aztec god of fire and lightning, Xolotl. He disguised himself as a salamander to avoid being sacrificed. But these Mexican amphibians are the ability to regenerate lost limbs and stay “young” throughout their lives.

Axolotl has the scientific name Ambystoma mexicanum. It is historically found in Lakes Chalco and Xochimilco of the Valley of Mexico near Mexico City, Mexico. Unlike other salamanders that undergo metamorphosis, axolotls never outgrow their larval, juvenile stage. This feature of Axolotl is called neoteny.

Though they keep their gills, adult axolotls not only have functional lungs but also breathe through their skin. Their mouths are upturned in a permanent Mona Lisa smile that makes them so cute


How to take care of an Axolotl

Axolotls are tough and easy to take care of; that makes them one of the best pets to have if you are new to keeping any exotic pets. However, Axolotls need to remain in a water-filled tank when kept in captivity. Axolotls can get pretty big for a typical salamander, so you will need a 15-20 gallon fish tank to keep them. In fact, young axolotls may exhibit cannibalistic behaviors, so you are better off keeping them in separate tanks if you have more than one.

The best food choices for them include grub, worm pellets, frozen shrimp, etc. You may feed the axolotls with balls of raw hamburger meat. Axolotls produce more waste than fish or other smaller reptiles, so you will have to replace your reservoir filter often in order to keep your water clean. Do not use regular aquarium gravel for an axolotl tank, as tiny pieces of gravel may get trapped inside the intestines of your pet’s Axolotl. You do not have to fill your whole tank, filling the whole tank will result in spillovers due to the movement of your pet axolotl.

Some tips that you should note when taking care of an Axolotl

If you’re fond of keeping exotic pets, an axolotl can be a great way to start. This article will give you some notes that you should keep in mind

Take care of Axolotl
Take care of Axolotl

– Axolotls are cool water amphibians, so a tank with a temperature of 57 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit (14 to 20 degrees Celsius) is suitable for them. The temperature should never go above 75 °F (24 °C)

– Your tank should be coated with aquarium sand on the bottom, recommend that your tank should contain aquatic plants, natural rocks, and plenty of places for the axolotl to hide.

– Your axolotl prefers a dark hiding spot such as a flower pot laid on one side of the aquarium.

– Axolotls produce more waste than fish or other small reptiles that require you to change the tank filter frequently with the aim to keep the water clear.

– In addition, you should remember to check with your State’s agency before you get one

How to get an Axolotl name?

Just take a look at these names of every kind of axolotl — male, female, adorable, delightful, and many others — that you can pick out. You can even use the physical characteristics of your Axolotls to help come up with a name, and lastly, go with an established name, such as Benji. In reality, someone says that the axolotl can seem intimidating, however, in the opinion of Adopt Me, these premium pets are pretty cute, no matter what comments are right, giving them an adorable name is an interesting task. If you want to think of a name that is unique for your pet, consider what makes your axolotl unique. Here, we are going to give you a few names for your pets that are truly adorable and unique.

Get an Axolotl Name
Get an Axolotl Name

Axolotl Names After Colors

Axolotls can come in numerous color variations which is the suggestion for you to choose an unusual name.

  • Amaranth

  • Axanthic (or Zan, for short)

  • Azure (It is a perfect name for a special rare blue mob axolotl)

  • Celadon

  • Chartreuse

  • Chimera

  • Cobalt

  • Copper

  • Cyan

  • Goldy

  • Lavender

  • Leucistic (or Lucy, for short)

  • Mosaic

Color of Axolotl
Color of Axolotl
  • Onyx

  • Phlox

  • Piebald

  • Smalt

  • Speckled

  • Vermilion

  • Viridian

Cute Axolotl Names

Axolotls are really adorable creatures with the cutest smiles. If you are looking for cute names to give to your sweet pets, then look no further because below we listed some cute names of axolotls that you can choose.

A Cute Axolotl
A Cute Axolotl
  • Jojo

  • Cookie

  • Rooster

  • Elphy

  • Jester

  • Nero

  • Boo

  • Finley

  • Poseidon

  • Caliban

  • Buffy

  • Pringles

  • Stitch

  • Dylan

  • Mochi

  • Mirinda

Names Based on the Axolotl’s Features

  • Bubbles: this name goes perfectly with their water-loving nature

  • Slimothy: This name is based on axolotls’ cute slimy tail

  • Axie: This is a cute shorter version for axolotl

  • Pebbles: You will always find your axolotl hiding behind rocks and pebbles

  • Smiley / Mr. Smiley Face: The name for the cutest nature-made smile

  • Aristotle: This is punny take on the great philosopher’s name

  • Aquaman: This is a better name that is suitable for your pet which loves to be in the water all the time

  • Squishy: The reason for this name is Axolotls have soft squishy bodies

  • Ziggy: Can you see their zigzag movements in the water, this is exactly the explanation for “Ziggy”

  • Professor Head Booper: This name is for the axolotls that love bopping their heads on the aquarium.

Funny Axolotl Names

  • Drago

  • Wiggle

  • Flossie

  • John Snow

  • Rainbow

  • Snoop

A funny Axolotl
A funny Axolotl
  • Ajax

  • Tixie

  • Speedy

  • Mojo

Cool Axolotl Names

  • Noodle

  • Murph

  • Fleabag

  • Speckles

  • Marvin

  • Sugar

  • Aragorn

  • Percy

  • Sophie

  • Jello

Axolotls names
Axolotls names
  • Malvolio

  • Toni

  • Tuco

  • Toby

  • Pete the Dragon

  • Oga

  • Jalapeno

  • Tetra

  • Ginger

  • Cheeto

  • Sushi

  • Mr. Nibbles

  • Hydra

  • Flair

Best Axolotl Names

  • Milos

  • Frankie

  • Bonnie

  • Nibbler

  • Jupiter

  • Butters

  • Midas

  • Holy Sock

  • Taco

Axolotls names
Axolotls names
  • Spongebob

  • Bubbles

  • Chuckie

  • Kirby

  • Bucky

  • Hoover

  • Yellowbelly

  • Toadstool

  • Henge

  • Nancy

  • Dobby

  • Peanut

  • Gemini

  • Olive

  • Shifter

  • Aximus

Best Axolotl names
Best Axolotl names
  • Ember

  • Neekap

  • Pokemon

  • Stardust

  • Soapy

  • Wally

  • Lupo

  • Ash

  • Fozzie

  • Nomie

  • Flight

  • Wooper

  • Haku

  • Dwarfy

  • Fizz

  • Cat Jack

Axolotls names
Axolotls names
  • Luigi

  • Bubba

  • Mushu

  • Sebastien

  • Coco Chanel

  • Araxie

  • Axo-little

  • Dogga

  • Atlas

  • Toothless

  • Dexter

  • Bellatrix

  • Cujo

  • Spike

  • George

  • Axel

Axolotls names
Axolotls names
  • Mania

  • Daenerys

  • Jaxalotl

  • Skylar

  • Yoshi

  • Chip

  • Stevy

  • Bongo

Male Axolotl Names

  • Captain

  • Benji

  • Sparky

  • Stone

  • Woozle

  • Popper

  • Paco

  • Mr. Evil

  • Simco

  • Longzy

  • Lilo

  • Libby

  • Jaym

  • Micah

  • Mars

  • Jerry

  • Karl

  • Charlie

  • Wagner

  • Arthur

  • Hugo

  • Gary

Male Axolotl names
Male Axolotl names
  • Jason

  • Freddy

  • Austin

  • Nova

  • Oreo

  • Logan

  • Georgie

  • Ruben

  • Woody

  • Simba

  • Bruce

  • Archie

  • Angus

Axolotls names
Axolotls names
  • Ozzy

  • Chester

  • Winston

  • Thor

  • Bentley

  • Duke

  • Tucker

  • Scout

  • Teddy

  • Dexter

  • Rylie

  • Monty

  • Alpha

  • Proton

Female Axolotl Names

  • Muffin

  • Elsa

  • Marylin

  • Anna

  • Baby

  • Axiegel

  • Sakura

  • Myca

  • Mia

  • Lilly

  • Rose

  • Crimson

  • Clay

  • Sally Mander

  • Chelsea

  • Joji

  • Mandy

Female Axolotl names
Female Axolotl names
  • Mango

  • Milly

  • Shmoo

  • Luna

  • Chloe

  • Princess

  • Molly

  • Zoe

  • Gracie

  • Lola

  • Jasmine

  • Minnie

  • Fiona

  • Lucy

  • Pumpkin

  • Abby

  • Coco

  • Roxy

  • Sophie

  • Nala

  • Anya

  • Crystal

  • Diva

  • Kira

  • Kiwi

  • Darla

Axolotls names
Axolotls names
  • Fancy

  • Frieda

  • Flo

  • Ivory

  • Izzie

  • Janie

  • Iris

  • Hope

  • Irene

  • Haven

  • Henley

  • Maple

  • Paris

  • Basil

Gender Neutral Axolotl Names

 If you are looking for gender-neutral names for your pet axolotl, we have got the list saved just for you.

  • Shard

  • Blizzard

  • Dove

  • Sparrow

  • Smiley

  • Pelican

  • Frosty

  • Smiles

  • Quirks

  • Ciao

  • Dot

  • Elf

  • Boomer

  • Bingo

  • Olaf

  • Domino

  • Chunky

  • Harper

  • Kibbles

  • Gizmo

Gender Neutral Axolotl names
Gender Neutral Axolotl names
  • Fuzzy

  • Jules

  • Nacho

  • Onyx

  • Oakley

  • Payton

  • Peanut

  • Scrappy

  • Snickers

  • Robin

  • Reese

  • Rebel

  • Sammy

  • Creampuff

Axolotls names
Axolotls names
  • Rory

  • Straw

  • Chevy

  • Button

  • Blue

  • Emerald

  • Silver

  • Beasle

  • Leo

  • Painter

  • Klimt

  • Whistler

  • Yeats

  • Bijou

  • Lanvin

  • Prada

Axolotls names
Axolotls names
  • Vera

  • Ron

  • Salvador

  • Sydney

  • Squirt

  • Zen

  • Twix

  • Zala

  • Ludo

  • Jinxy

  • Chiko

  • Zeak

  • Nirvana


This post has given you some inspiration and ideas on names that you are looking for for your Axolotl. By reading to the end of this article, we hope that you can find a suitable name for your pet axolotl.

Last Updated on June 30, 2022