The Complete Lists of Icewing Names You Should Know

Before introducing how to get creative and unique Icewing names for your characters, let us learn about Icewing. Like their names, Icewings are natives of frozen that are ruled by Queen Snowfall. In general, the tribe from the wings of Icewing are colored like an icy being with a touch of white-grey or various colors like blue, purple, pink, etc. They have a female leader.

Icewing names
Icewing names

Their claws are horns and spikes that allow them to walk on the ice. Their food are including fish, seals, and even sometimes scavengers. They have better eyesight than many beings out there. One of their features is that scales can emit an icy-cold chill and can exhale a frost breath that ice weapon.  This is the reason for the death of other tribes.

This write-up will provide you with more than 100 Icewing names. I included a list of Winter Gods and Goddesses who, in my opinion, will make great Icewing names.

How To Choose an Icewing Name

It is difficult to name characters which are creatures that beings of a very different world more precisely an imaginary world. It is difficult to name characters like that. This article will show you the way to choose an Icewing name easily.

Use a Name Inspired By Frost And Ice

Your characters are Icewings that are habituated to icy and frozen lives. Some names inspired by Frost and Ice can be seen as great ideas. Additionally, it also symbolizes their strength because the big weakness of these creatures is heat and warmth. The first idea we came up with was to give them a name based on what they are comfortable with. It is also important that your Icewee character’s name is distinct and unique, to give the best impression.

Think about some things that are new ideas

Like names for a baby, you should really do proper research about the meaning of the name and its origin before getting a name for your characters. A creative and unique name is the best way to make a great first impression on others.

Can be used to give icewing/skywing names,

Topaz (a gem which comes in a lot of varieties, mainly blue and red.

Nidhogg- (German Origin) Just like a lot of the other names on this list, it means power and would fit perfectly with your Blue-Eyed Magical Creature.

Frosteen – (French origin) A beautiful girly name, also suitable for your child, This French name means Ice Queen.

In my mind, her main colors are probably going to be white, blue, or maybe purple, if you get a snow dragon or an ice dragon, so I added a section of names good for an ice dragon revolving around white in the list below too.

To get such names, first, you need to think about some creative ideas and tap into your brain to work out ideas that are not ordinary or common.

Consider a simple name

You have to make sure that the name you choose will be understood in the right meaning by everyone, moreover, when naming the character, make sure that the name given to the character makes good sounds when you or anyone else calls out the character’s name publicly.

A character’s name is simple and unique which allows everyone will easily be able to remember your Icewing character. There are numerous types of people involved in this world, you need to ensure that every single one understands the meaning behind the name that you are using, as well as is able to read. If a person can not read or pronounce a name, how can he or she spread it across to others to make it more famous?

Using Name Generator

You could even look up words that mean Ice in other languages, which make for some really cool names. You have also got names from the Name Generator, which gives an intricately-complex set of names with no other help.

Name generator
Name generator

Introduction to some lists of Icewing Names

Male IceWing Names

  • Aquilo: Latin origin: It means “North”.

  • Berg: Middle English origin: It means “iceberg”.

  • Boomerang Nebula: This Nebula is known as the coldest nebula in the galaxy.

  • Boreal: Middle English origin: It means “the North or Northern regions”.

  • Boris: Turkish origin: It means “snow leopard” or “wolf”.

  • Brumal: Latin origin: It means “frigid or wintry”.

  • Chinstrap: English origin refers to a species of Penguin.

  • Gellis: Gaelic origin: It means “frost” or “ice”.

Male IceWing names
Male IceWing names
  • Hyperboreal: Latin origin This name is inspired by a mythical ancient Greek snow giant.

  • Polaris: Modern Latin origin the North Star’s name

  • Rime: Middle English origin: It means the “Frost that forms on cold surfaces and objects”.

  • Shard: Old English origin: It means “broken glass or ice”.

  • Squall: Scandinavian origin: It means “a sudden and heavy gust of wind or a storm that brings snow, rain or sleet”.

  • Subzero: English origins This name is used to describe the state when temperatures reach below freezing point.

  • Wolverine: English origin This is an animal that inhabits cold places.

Female IceWing Names

  • Aurora: Roman origin: This is the Northern Lights that is  an Arctic natural phenomenon

  • Chalcedony: Latin origin: It means “a frost or ice-hued pearly blue-white gemstone”.

  • Dumortierite: French origin: It means “a blue-colored quartz”.

  • Frost: Old Saxon origin: It means “snow” or “ice”.

  • Gelid: Classical Latin origin: It means “extremely cold”.

  • Hailing: Old English origin: It means “a hailstorm”.

  • Holly: English origin: It means “a plant or shrub widely associated with Christmas”.

Female IceWing names
Female IceWing names
  • Polynya: Russian origin: It means “an open stretch of water that is surrounded by ice.”

  • Saphira: Hebrew origin: This is a word pun that is inspired by the name of the blue gemstone, Sapphire

  • Silvermoon: English origin: It means “a moon colored in wintry and icy hues”.

  • Snow: Old English origin: It means “frozen precipitation”.

  • Snowbird: American origin This name refers to arctic birds.

  • Snowdrift: English origin: It means “a giant heap of snow taking place after a snowstorm”.

  • Snowfall: Old English origin: It means “frozen precipitation”.

  • Tern: Old Norse origin: This is an Arctic seabird

Gender Neutral Icewing Names

  • Akull: (Albanian origin) It means “ice”.

  • Blanco/Blanca (Spanish origin): It means “white”.

  • Caribou: French-Canadian origin. It is another name for Reindeer.

  • Cyclone: Greek origin: It means “a kind of violent storm”.

  • Eis: (German origin) It means “ice”.

  • Flurry: Onomatopoeic: It means “a mass of snow swirling in the winter air”.

  • Foxfire: Old French origin: It also means the Northern Lights.

  • Fractal: Latin origin: It means “a snowflake structure”.

Gender Neutral IceWing names
Gender Neutral IceWing names
  • Glaze: Middle English origin: It means “the reflective shine on iced surfaces”.

  • Icicle: Middle English origin: It means “a shard of ice hanging from the roof of a cave” that can often be seen after a terrible snowstorm and rain.

  • Polar: Latin origin indicates anything related to the polar regions. It also reminds one of the colder elements and animals like the polar bear, which is essentially indicative of the Northern arctic areas.

  • Shimo: Japanese origin: It means “frost during winter”.

  • Windchill: English original is a name for the cooling effect after blowing wind on a surface.

  • Winterberry: North America is a name of a plant that can bear the cold in the winter”.


Other Icewing Names that you can consider:

We are at the end of this article, which is the point at which we hope that you found a great name for your IceWing characters.

  • Adeilie: French origin meaning noble

  • Algid: Cold

  • Artic: It means counties around the north pole

  • Antarctic

  • Aquilo: Northwind

  • Atlantic Puffin: It means A sea bird of Arctic waters

  • Aurora: The sunrise

  • Barnacle:

  • Blanch:

  • Blackfly: This is the name of a black or dark green bee

  • Blue Spruce: A type of western North American tree

  • Boris: Battle

  • Boreal

  • Brisk: Speedy

  • Brumal: This is one of winter’s characteristic

  • Brumous: Foggy and wintry

  • Blizzard: It offers snowstorms with high winds

IceWing names
IceWing names
  • Bitter: Pungent taste

  • Capelin: This is the name of small fish in North Atlantic

  • Chill: Coolness

  • Chalcedony: A type of quartz

  • Claw: Curve pointed nail

  • Cire: Smooth fabric

  • Cyclone: Tropical storm

  • Dumortierite: This is a type of silicate mineral

  • Eis: It means ice in German

  • Emperor: Monarch

  • Evening: Twilight

  • Freeze: A stage of frost

  • Fractal: A geometrical figure

  • Floe: Floating ice

  • Gelid: awfully cold

  • Glaze: sparkle varnish

  • Glisten: shine

  • Hail: Storm stones

  • Hare: Speedy rabbi

  • Icecube: Small piece of ice

  • Icy: Frozen

  • Junco: North American songbird

  • Klaus: Triumph of the people

  • Krill: It is a animal that is like a shrimp

  • Khione: Snow goddess

  • Lavender: A pale blue colored flower that is known by many people

  • Leopard: This is a black-spotted Sothern tiger that come from Asian

  • Loon: Foolish

  • Mammoth: This is a type of large animal which extinct

  • Marmot: This is a mountainous rodent that is come from North America

  • Melt: Soften

  • Mountain: Peak

  • Neige: Snow

  • Narwhal: A toothed whale

  • Nix: Nothing

  • North

IceWing names
IceWing names
  • Pale: Light

  • Pastel: Powdered pigment

  • Pasque: One kind of flower

  • Peak: Summit

  • Porpoise: Small toothed whale

  • Polar: Cold

  • Quartz: Rock crystal

  • Raven: Crow

  • Rime: Frost created on cold

  • Rock

  • Reflection

  • Rudolph: Glory

  • Shimo: ice

  • Stalactite: This name refers hanging icicle from the roof of a cave

  • Subzero: Below zero

  • Summit: Peak

  • Snowflake: A soft ice crystal

  • Snowfall: fall of snow

  • Snowstorm

  • Snowcap

  • Shiver: Tremble

  • Tern: This is a type of Seabird

  • Tundra

  • Typhoon: Cyclone

  • Walrus

  • Whale

  • Willow

  • Whiteout

  • Winterberry: This is a type of plant that survives in a freezing area

  • Wind: Breeze

  • Wolf

  • Wolverine

Catchy Icewing Names

  • Caribou

  • Brumal

  • Aurora

  • Eis

  • Floe

  • Glaze

  • Capelin

  • Emperor

  • Ice Cube

  • Brumous

  • Mammoth

  • Glisten

  • Flurry

  • Hyperborean

  • Evening

  • Blizzard

  • Icicle

Catchy IceWing names
Catchy IceWing names
  • Hail

  • Freeze

  • Loon

  • Hare

  • Fractal

  • Icy

  • Fang

  • Bitter

  • Best Icewing Names

  • Pastel

  • Leopard

  • Junco

  • Polar

  • Stalactite

  • Pale

  • Marmot

  • Lavender

  • Klaus

  • Porpoise

  • North

  • Melt

  • Shimo

  • Klondike

  • Nix

  • Mountain

  • Pasque

  • Krill

  • Neige

  • Ptarmigan

  • Peak

  • Rudolph

  • Quartz

  • Narwhal

Creative Icewing Names

If you are looking for a unique and impressive name for your character, and want something awesome, but you have no ideas to name your character, let us show you some ideas.

  • Raven

  • Subzero

  • Snow Storm

  • Wind Chill

  • Summit

  • Rime

  • Auburn

  • Wolf

  • Silver Forge

  • Snow Flake

  • Puddle

  • Draggle

  • Rock

Creative IceWing names
Creative IceWing names
  • Snow Fall

  • Sun Cutter

  • Wolverine

  • Snow Cap

  • Quilt

  • Eminence

  • Zero

  • Expanse

  • Snow Petrel

  • Floe

  • Nubia

  • Reflection

Cool Icewing Names

  • Shiver

  • Main

  • Walrus

  • Blizz

  • Mangrove

  • Tern

  • Aether

  • Flake

  • Whale

  • Welkin

Cool IceWing names
Cool IceWing names
  • Tundra

  • Willow

  • Frenzy

  • Dream Teeth

  • Fawn

  • Frigid

  • White Out

  • Typhoon

  • Iva

  • Aqua

  • Crymodinia

  • Wind

  • Merry

  • Bitter Nut

  • Winter Berry

  • Prey Reader

  • Archipelago

  • Cerulific

  • Parka

  • Glow Ripper

  • Daub

  • Grit

  • Azure

  • Naumachy

  • Humboldt

  • Buccaneer

Unique Icewing Names

  • Mojava

  • Chinook

  • Eranthis

  • Frigor

  • Wit

  • Swish

  • Gypsum

  • Sediment

  • Striking

  • Frappe

  • Fume

  • Wreck

  • Solstice

  • Bay

  • Maroon

  • Gemini

  • Nereus

  • Suave

  • Hediondilla

  • Night Brand

  • Precious

  • Gulf

  • Fleece

  • Either

  • Soil

  • Creosote

  • Aroid

  • Fate Brand

  • Moon Wings

  • Myrtle

  • Conger

  • Vault

  • Uncia

  • Ermine



Hopefully, this list can provide you with some good inspiration when you are looking for that perfect kind of Icewing name for the one featured in your novel. For even more funny names, check out our website Topfunnywifinames.

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