The Complete Lists of Offensive Private story Names 

Before you hit up Snapchat with your snap story, you should think of a title for it. If you cannot come up with a good name for your private Snapchat stories, the offensive private story names are the great ideas that you can consider.

Offensive private story names
Offensive private story names

If you inject a little humor into the name of a Snapchat private story, it will catch your followers’ attention. The following list of fun names for Snapchat private stories is guaranteed to make your viewers laugh from beginning to end, regardless of the mood they are in at that moment

Introduction to Snapchat

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is a popular social media platform that allows users to send each other short videos and pictures. It has over 100 million daily active users, and the majority of them are in the 13-24 age range. Now,  It is not just for teenagers anymore; anyone can sign up and share their Snapchat Stories with friends


Snapchat is also known for its private messaging feature, which allows users to send messages that will disappear after they have been viewed. This feature is one of the reasons why Snapchat has become so popular with people who want to share more intimate moments with their friends or loved ones.

Snapchat was founded in 2011 by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown. At that time, they were students at Stanford University. The app was originally called “Picaboo” but the name was changed to Snapchat in September 2011.

The importance of private stories’ names?

If you are a college student, you know your private Snapchat stories are the key to making friends on campus. However, coming up with a name for a private story is not simple, you want to pick something that is reflective of your personality and what type of stories you enjoy posting to Snapchat.

Like, if you are posting humor, then the name of your private story has to relate to the humor, and not another, and this is the thing that makes for a unique for your private Snapchat stories. If you want people to actually look at your stories (and not just scroll past), you have to give your Snapchat story title some thought before you share your creations with friends on Snapchat.

How to create a private story on Snapchat?

Snapchat can be used for many purposes, such as sharing moments with friends or family, creating memories, or even showing your creative side.

One of the features of Snapchat is the ability to create a story that you can share with others. This story will remain active on your profile until you choose to delete it. A private story will not be visible to anyone but you and those who are added as friends on Snapchat. There are 10 steps in this guide that will show you how to create a private story on Snapchat.

1. Open the Snapchat app and tap on the ‘Me’ icon at the top of your screen.

2. Tap on ‘My Story’. The default story is called ‘My Story-Public’. This is where you can see all of your friends’ stories that they have shared publicly.

3. To create a new story, tap on the circular arrow in the top-right corner of the screen.

4. Tap on ‘Create a new story’, after that, you will be taken to the Snapchat camera

5. Take a photo or video, and trim it if needed.

6. Write a caption for your story by tapping on ‘Add text’ at the bottom of the screen

7. Send your story to be published using an option close to the bottom of the screen, or tap on ‘My Story-Private’.

8. To share your story with someone, use their username to add them as a friend and send them a message containing their unique Snapchat ID.

9. Open Snapchat’s camera and tap on ‘Add Friends’Snapchat allows you to create your own private story which will show up on your Story list.

10. Before you delete the story, it will be marked Private and won’t appear on your public Story list. Your story will only be viewable by people you add as friends. To send a message containing your private story to someone, use their username to add them as a friend and send them a message containing their unique Snapchat ID.

Lists offensive private story names

These are excellent ways to let friends and family know about what is goings-on in your life, but coming up with an interesting title can be tricky. Let’s help you do this task easily.

Offensive private story names

To catch the eye of your family and friends, the creative story names showcase your artistic side and awesome personality. The following list of names is bound to have something that appeals to everyone, from jokey to insulting memes.

  • Afro

  • Doom

  • Sistine

  • Billy

  • Meneme

  • Simpo

  • Birds Of A Feather

  • Snap Cup

  • Bingo

  • Because I’m worth it

  • No Boys Allowed

  • Pillow talk

  • Easy Spider

  • Demon Personified

Offensive private story names 
Offensive private story names
  • Let’s Taco ‘Bout It

  • Still a Mystery

  • Plant pot mad

  • Balls of Steel

  • The Brat Pack

  • Riding with Rage

  • Plain old guy01

  • Killing Therapist

  • Trap Hours are here

  • Enemies for you Only

  • Self-destruction Pass

  • Your Local Crackhead

  • Brainless Bitch at Work

  • Ran out of f*cks to give

  • Hardcore Addicted Ones

  • Time for New Seduction

  • Haters will be prosecuted

  • Watch me at Private Party

  • Prison Warden Nightmare

  • 24 Hours of Mental Mafia

  • This Child id is asswhole

  • Notorious Content on the Snap

  • The ‘Should have deleted’ ones

Offensive and Funny Private Story Names

  • Lost & Found

  • Christmas isn’t Coming

  • Altered Ego

  • Shake hand Limbo

  • Dirt Bragger

  • E D Out Here

  • Earie Got Hairy

  • Roo Me

  • Bee Hacked Me

  • On Proud 9

Offensive but funny story names
Offensive but funny story names

TikTok’s offensive Private Story Names

These types of stories are easily shared on TikTok because they make you feel validated as acknowledged. Besides, you do not care about being judged at all

The below names are some suggestions for your private stories on TikTok, you can also take inspiration from them

  • Cracktivities

  • Gangster Wears Parada

  • What the Fetch!

  • Spread the Deeds

TikTok’s Offensive private story names
TikTok’s Offensive private story names
  • Emma Lucky Bast**d

  • What a Flincher!

  • Scoop-ing in Action

  • Love My Macha

  • Coffee Spiller

  • Welcome to My Death

Some other private story names ideas

You spend way too much time looking at lists of pre-existing story names, but none seem to fit right. It can be difficult to think of something that is both clever and fresh, especially if you are running low on ideas. We researched the best of the best names with high chances to take a hit on the profile.

Dark Humor Private Story Names

 Here are a few popular story name suggestions to hopefully inspire your imagination and motivate you to think up your own unique names.

  • Breakdown central

  • Crying in cool

  • All is Doomed

  • Suicide squad

  • Laugh later

  • A dreamer

  • Selfies Galore

Dark humor private story names
Dark humor private story names
  • Hap-Bee Together

  • Fab Five

  • TippyTap

  • Picture This

  • The Groggy Giant

  • Synchronized Slimming

  • Lose Grace

  • The Silly Genius

Cute Private Story Names

  • Hotties Snaps

  • Always Sunny Theory

  • Deleted Life Scenes

  • Hangover Gone Wrong

  • Headed to East Coast

  • Flying in the Sky Skills

  • Star in the Making

  • SKipped Story

Cute private story names
Cute private story names
  • Frame of Mind

  • Trucking Tales

  • Sober Disciples

  • Drama Invited Only

  • Literally my life

  • Afterhours with <Your Name>

  • Savage Stories Bloopers

  • Survival in My Pants

  • Hunting Trip Period

  • Onto a money heist

  • Money can’t buy love, LOL

  • Be there or Be Square

  • Daily Content Here

  • Total Drama Island


Snapchat is an insanely fun way to communicate with friends, and that is only made better if you come up with a good Snapchat Story name. Making your stories look great with a name that stands out and highlights your creativity is the goal of everyone, which is why you are going to like all of the personal story names mentioned above. For even more funny names, check out our website Topfunnywifinames.

Last Updated on July 8, 2022