Water themed names – The Complete Lists You Should Know

If you are thinking about getting Water themed names for your child, sure that you wish your baby has the tenacity and strength as water’s characteristics. It is one of the necessities of our life. It seems calm and serene, however, it has a mysterious strength that can reform and conquer whatever is on its path.

We have some lists of Water themed names for girls and boys in which you can get one or take inspired by them.

Water themed names
Water themed names

Some interesting Water themed names ideas

The word “water” comes from the Middle English word “watre”, which is derived from the Old English word “wæter”. The Old English word is related to the Germanic root of Latin words for water. , “aqua”, which also gave us “Aquarius”.

Water-related nicknames are an interesting topic to explore due to the vast number of variations that exist.

People have used water-related nicknames for centuries and it is not surprising that there are so many variations, as people tend to use their names as nicknames.

The most common type of water-related nickname is a variation of the word ‘water’, such as ‘Waters’, ‘Watkins’, and ‘Waterman’.

There are also some less popular types of water-related nicknames like ‘Fountain’, which originates from the Latin word ‘Fontana’.

Some interesting Water themed names ideas
Some interesting Water themed names ideas

Apart from this, the names are not only inspired by water, but also more specifically things found in the water such as animals, flowers, and other sea creatures. You are also going to be looking at anything inspired by water, such as names with the theme of ocean, sea, waves, rain, and bodies of water.

Whether a name is taken from an ocean, a sea, a lake, a river, a stream, a waterfall, or just morning dew shining off of a blade of grass, there is a suitable water name for every newborn. Along with Jordan, there are plenty of gender-neutral names that are appropriate for both boys and girls with watery meanings, like Bay, Lake, River, Nile, Brooklyn, and Pacific. There are a lot of names for water in various languages, thus, the existence of an endless number of aquatic names that you could choose to name your baby. Some of these aquatic names are very obvious, but others have hidden meanings, and you will not know these names mean oceans if you do not research them.

Remember, even when choosing to name your child after one of these names of water, be sure that you have researched thoroughly about the origins of the name so as not to give your child a name they would come to regret later. All the aforementioned sparkling baby names inspired by water will make the baby’s name a particular significance, especially if he was born in the monsoon or you have special memories about water.

List of the Water themed names

Water is a symbol of life and purity. It can be seen as the essence of all things – the source, the origin, the foundation. It is a powerful symbol that evokes emotions and feelings in people. In this article, we explore water-inspired names and their meanings to give you some ideas for your baby’s name.

Allegra – A Latin word meaning, “to fly.”

Alyson – From the name Alyson which is a feminine variant of Alexander. It’s derived from the Greek name Alexandros and means “defender of mankind.”

Amelia – The perfect name for your little girl who is so kind, graceful, and spirited.

Popular Water themed names

 If that kind of resilience and power is something you want your baby to possess, then here are some sparkling baby names that mean water.

  • Adriatic

  • Ariel

  • Athena

  • Bay

  • Brooke

  • Cumberland

  • Douglas

  • Drake

  • Eldoris

  • Kiawah

  • Lana

  • Marin

  • Marina

  • Pearl

  • Ridley

Water themed names for girls

Water-related names are found across cultures around the world for both girls and boys. To give a distinctive and trending name for your baby girl, names with the water or related meanings are the trendy and modern trends. You could choose a spectacular name that is associated with water for your baby by following our below list.

  • Aphrodite: Foam

  • Aqua

  • Aquarius: Water

  • Ara: Brings Rain

  • Bayou

  • Beck: Stream

  • Briny

  • Brook

  • Brooke: Brook

  • Brooks

  • Calder: Stream

If you are looking for a name inspired by the ocean, but are looking for something a little more original than Aqua or Tallulah, then Darya should be your choice. Calder, the traditional English name meaning rock-water, would be appealing to parents looking for trendy names that are related to water. There are a number of categories you could look at — the one that is inspired by water could be of great use and will make this entire endeavor of choosing a name much less stressful for you

  • Cari: Flows like water

  • Cascade

  • Caspian: Caspian sea

  • Cherith: Stream bed

  • Cordelia: Daughter of the sea

  • Darya: Sea

  • Delta

  • Deniz:  Sea

  • Dew

  • Dwynwen: Wave

  • Dylan: Of the sea

  • Fen

  • Fjord

  • Ford

  • Gal: Wave

  • Galit: Wave

  • Ginevra: White wave

  • Guadalupe: River of the wolf

  • Guinevere: White wave

Water themed names for girls
Water themed names for girls
  • Hali: The sea

  • Harbor

  • Harbour

  • Haven

  • Hydra: Water

  • Indra

  • Isla: Isla river

  • Jennifer: White wave

  • Jorah: Autumn rain

  • Jordan: Flowing down

  • Kai: Sea

  • Kairi: Sea

  • Kawai: The water

  • Kyla:  Strait

  • Lagoon

  • Laguna: Lagoon

  • Laiken: Lake

  • Lake

  • Lana: Calm as still waters

  • Leven: Flood

  • Lynn: Lake

  • Marilla: Shining sea

  • Marin: Of the sea

  • Marina

  • Marine

  • Maris: Of the sea

  • Marlin: Lake

  • Marlow: Drained lake

  • Marlowe: Drained lake

  • Marsh

  • Maya: Water

  • Mayim: Water

  • Meltem: Sea wind

  • Meri: The sea

  • Mica: Brook

  • Michal: Brook

  • Mira: Sea; Ocean

  • Misty​

  • Moana: Sea

Water themed names for girls
Water themed names for girls
  • Monroe

  • Morgan: Sea circle

  • Morwen: Waves of the sea

  • Morwenna: Waves of the sea

  • Muriel: Bright sea

  • Murphy: Sea warrior

  • Murray: Settlement by the sea

  • Nanami: Seven seas

  • Nebraska: Flat water

  • Neptune: God of the sea

  • Nereida: Sea nymph

  • Nerida: Mermaid

  • Nerina: Water;

  • Nerine: Sea nymph

  • Nerissa: Sea nymph

  • Nixie: Water nymph

  • Noelani: Mist of heaven

  • Ocean

  • Oceana: Ocean

  • Ondine: Little wave

  • Pasha: The sea

  • Pavati: Clear water

  • Pelagia: The sea

  • Rain

  • Reef

  • Reka: River

  • Ren: Water Lily

  • Rio: River

  • River

  • Sabrina: River Severn

  • Shore

  • Storm

  • Talise: Lovely water

  • Tallulah: Leaping waters

  • Thalassa: The sea

  • Thames: River Thames

  • Tulia: Heavy rain

  • Undine: Little wave

  • Vanora: White wave

  • Wade: River crossing

  • Yara: Water lady

  • Yaritza: Water lady

Water themed boy baby names

Referring to nature in choosing a baby name is a popular choice, and the different names that mean water are definitely inspirational. Water-inspired names are making a comeback in popularity among boys, and are particularly popular among nature lovers.

  • Aberforth: From the river

  • Aenon: Water spring

  • Aquarius: Water

  • Arroyo: Brook; Creek

  • Atwater: At the water

  • Bay

  • Bayou

  • Beach

  • Beck

  • Bered: Hail

  • Brook

  • Brooks

Water-themed boy names
Water-themed boy names
  • Bruinen : Loud water

  • Calder : Stream

  • Conway : Holy water

  • Cove

  • Dathan : Fountain

  • Deniz : Sea

  • Dewy

  • Douglas : Dark river

  • Dover : Water

  • Dylan : Son of the sea

  • Eärendil: Lover of the sea

  • Ecthelion: Of the water

  • Fen

  • Fjord

  • Ford

  • Gal: Wave

  • Guadalupe: River of the wolf

  • Hali: The sea

  • Harbor

Water-themed boy names
Water-themed boy names
  • Hurley : Sea tide

  • Irvin : Green water

  • Irving : Green water

  • Jabal : Stream

  • Jafar : Stream

  • Jorah : Autumn rain

  • Jordan : Flowing down

  • Jubal : Stream

  • Kai: Sea

  • Kawai: The water

  • Kelvin : Narrow water

  • Kenn: Bright water

  • Lachlan: From the land of lakes

  • Laguna: Lagoon

  • Laiken : Lake

  • Leith: Broad river

  • Lincoln: Town by the lake

Gender-Neutral Names in water-themed

There are also names inspired by water, taken from magic, mysterious creatures of the sea, and the ocean gods and goddesses that include a few gender-neutral ones.

  • Bay: It means a small sea inlet

  • Brooke: It means small stream.

  • Caspian: This name is inspired by the Caspian Sea.

  • Dylan: The meaning of this name is Son of the Sea.

Gender-Neutral names in water-themed
Gender-Neutral names in water-themed
  • Jordan: It is meaning to flow down in Hebrew

  • Kai; It means Ocean.

  • Kendall: It means Valley of the River of Kent.

  • Lynn: This name means from the Lake.

  • Moana: This name means Ocean or Sea.

  • Nile: This name is inspired by the River Nile.

Last Names That Mean Water

Water themed names are anything from ocean, sea, wave, stream, and river. Water themed names are not only popular choices but ideal choices for most people. Even if you would like to go a bit subtler with your water-inspired name choices, you could always opt for a water-themed last name for your child.

  • Abano: This name means “Water” in old Celtic

  • Acquafredda: It means “Coldwater” in Italian

  • Acquarone: Another Italian name also st name meaning “water”

  • Acquati – from the name of a village in Lombardy, meaning “water.”

  • Below names means water in different languages

  • Agua (Spanish language.)

  • Aguado (Spanish language.)

  • Alagona (Spanish language.)

  • Aquino – a name with Italian and Spanish roots

  • Arnav – an Indian last name that means “the ocean.”

  • Asturias (Spanish language.)

  • Atwater (England language)

  • Urbina (Basque)

  • Bayou: It means “small stream.”

  • Hampton: It stands for “water meadow.”

  • Hurley: this name means “sea tide.”

  • Lagunov: It means “water barrel.” in Russian

  • Mizushima: It means “water island.”

  • Mizutani: This name is meaning “water valley.”

  • Sulzbach: This moniker means “salty stream.”

  • Van Amstel: This is a river name by Dutch

  • Waller: This is an Old English that means “spring, well.”

  • Walton: Its meaning is the same as Waller

  • Waterman: It is used to describe a person living near the water in English culture.

  • Wells: The last name has origination from Middle English that means “well, water hole, spring.”


There are plenty of names associated with the sea, for parents who do not want to limit themselves to names that simply mean water. For this Water themed names list, I took inspiration from everything related to the theme of water including ocean-themed names, big bodies of water such as lakes, and smaller ones such as streams, brooks, and streams. Hopefully, you found some inspiration from this list of ocean names. For even more funny names, check out our website Topfunnywifinames.


Last Updated on July 13, 2022